What Your Cat Thinks About When You’re Not Home

by | Mar 1, 2021

So, you’re out of the house for one reason or another – work, play, travel, even a simple trip to the grocery store – what is your cat thinking about in your absence? Do our cats miss us, or simply pass the time without giving it much thought? It depends first and foremost on your cat’s personality. Some cats bemoan a disappeared owner, others delight in the rare glimmer of freedom. Keep reading for a thorough breakdown of what your cat truly thinks about when you’re gone.

, What Your Cat Thinks About When You’re Not Home, The Comforted Kitty

Cats prefer human company nine times out of ten – they may not act like it, but when you leave, they miss you!

Nothing… They’re asleep!

This is perhaps the most common circumstance for cats left alone sans humans. Felines require as much as 18 hours of sleep per day, meaning that nap time is basically non-negotiable. If you leave the house for a quick errand or two, it’s unlikely your cat will even notice that you’re not home. A quick pet and a snuggle can remind your cat that despite your absence, you’ve got kitty on the brain! (PSA: this may backfire; a sleepy cat is a cranky cat. Proceed with caution!) Short trips away from your home are simply a part of cat ownership. Fortunately, cats’ dire need for sleep can stave away any separation anxiety, so long as they are fed and feel loved.

, What Your Cat Thinks About When You’re Not Home, The Comforted Kitty

Cat nap, anyone?

They wonder about their next meal

Practically every cat owner in human history is familiar with the age old tale: despite the fact that you’ve just fed your pretty kitty, they scream and cry as if they’re being starved. This overreaction may be a result of inconsistent feeding times – say you’re home at 6pm instead of your usual 5pm. Your cat might think you will never return to feed them (the horror)! As many of us know, cats have a flair for the dramatic. One way to squash this fear is an automatic feeder, or better yet, a cat sitting service that can ensure consistent feeding times in your absence.

, What Your Cat Thinks About When You’re Not Home, The Comforted Kitty

Mealtime is the most sacred part of a cat’s day.

They want to join you on your adventure

Cats are notoriously curious creatures. There is little your feline friend won’t explore when given the chance, especially when they see you leave your house only to come back smelling differently. Indoor cat owners are all too familiar with the struggle of Kitty escaping outside, but who can blame them? Observant creatures that they are, cats sometimes feel inclined to explore outside the boundaries of their territory, especially when left idle. Your cat may think that venturing outside is a ticket to paradise, but the hazards are plentiful. One way to mitigate this adventurous spirit is to take sure your cat is thoroughly entertained throughout the day. Interactive toys, fellow cats, and responsible pet sitters who will play with your furry friend are your best bet to avoid an escape act.

, What Your Cat Thinks About When You’re Not Home, The Comforted Kitty

Cat backpacks aren’t for every kitty, but some absolutely love being toted around with their owners.

They are lonely

This is the case for a large number of kitties left alone, whether the separation is just a few hours or even several days. Incredibly social creatures, cats do not like being away from their family – they feel protective over their humans much in the way dogs do. Having multiple cats can soften the blow of this isolation, but even this is a temporary fix. Though they act tough and independent, cats know that their safety and comfort is up to their human. Even having a pet sitter come in to tend to your cat – feeding, play, general socialization – can decrease your cat’s sense of separation anxiety while you are away. Separation anxiety can lead to destructive behavior including urination, scratching furniture, knocking things down, etc.

, What Your Cat Thinks About When You’re Not Home, The Comforted Kitty

A stimulated cat is a happy cat – if your cat is entertained, it is less likely to feel stressed in your absence.

They want to know when you’ll be back

…which is a tough one, considering that your kitty can’t read a clock. Many owners are familiar with the cyclical feeding schedule meows – your cat somehow knows that it is 5pm exactly, despite being illiterate. However, you can’t exactly tell your kitty that you’ll be home on Thursday at 3pm; all it knows is that you aren’t there right now. How can you make your cat feel more comfortable with extended absences, like travel for business or pleasure? Have someone check in on your cat regularly, which provides socialization, comfort, and consistency.

, What Your Cat Thinks About When You’re Not Home, The Comforted Kitty

Cats can get very grumpy when they feel ignored – without human interaction, your cat might feel neglected and sad.

So you can’t always be around your favorite feline. How do you make being apart easier?

This is a sad, sad truth about cat ownership. Short periods of separation are to be expected and can help foster a sense of independence in your cat. As far as longer trips are concerned, in most cases, you simply cannot take Fluffy or Whiskers with you while traveling. Leaving your cat home alone is a nerve wracking experience, especially if you’ve never done so. The best way to create peace of mind for yourself and a comfortable experience for your cat is to hire a professional cat sitting service like The Comforted Kitty.

Choosing a licensed, professional service will make your separation infinitely more enjoyable – The Comforted Kitty’s sitters will spend time with your cat, giving it ample opportunity to play, interact, and generally feel more secure in your absence. Other services including medication, feeding, trash removal, and minor tidying truly wipe away any fears you might have about leaving your cat alone. Daily visit updates can make it feel like you haven’t even left – being able to see your kitty happy and healthy is the perfect cure-all to separation stress. Rather than worry about what your cat might be feeling while you’re gone, place it in the best possible hands, like The Comforted Kitty.


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