What Happens During the Meet & Greet Visit?

We take all the necessary steps to make this a smooth process and to give you peace of mind.

 We firmly believe that you should be able to meet your pet sitter — the person caring for your cat while you are away on vacation — so that you can judge whether they are a good fit and will be reliable, responsive, and responsible.

But all too often, especially with the large “gig” pet sitting app companies, you don’t get to meet this person beforehand. Instead, they just show up to your home on day one with little more than some written instructions.

Not only does a meet and greet allow us to understand your cat’s unique needs better, it should also help you instill trust in our company to meet your expectations. After all, we will be working in your home.

In addition, our company needs to make sure our cat sitters are safe working with you in your home environment and that it’s a fit.

So what happens at the meet and greet?

  1. Before our sitter meets with you, you will have the opportunity to set up your online account and provide us with information about your kitty’s care routine and contact information.


  2. Once you have a date and time set up with your assigned sitter, they will come over to your home and determine whether they are a good fit for your cat.


  3. During the visit, your sitter will review the entire visit care routine in detail so that everything is absolutely clear and they feel fully prepared to meet and exceed your expectations. You and your sitter will:

Create a tailored care plan for your cat

Agree on contingency plans

Review where everything is located, what their fav toys are

Do a dry run of medication, if applicable

Learn where extra supplies are and what are your cat’s preferred hiding spots

Go over alarm and home security

Discuss any other questions or concerns you have

They will go over emergency options

Ideally they will receive a set of keys

4. Once the initial visit comes to a close, we will confirm the sittings once more about a week prior to the first scheduled sitting and then be there on day one of your trip!

Developing long-term personal relationships with our cat and human clients is something we cherish and take pride in. We are looking forward to serve you, our process is simple:


Request services


Recieve invoice


Create Account


Meet your sitter



What Cat Parents Are Saying

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New Client FAQs

Can your sitter share care duties with my family, friend, roommate or neighbor?
Sorry, we do NOT share cat or home care duties with third parties (e.g. friends, family, neighbors, other pet care companies) for liability and safety concerns. We provide our clients with the peace-of-mind knowing your sitter is bonded and insured. However, a third party entering your home voids this since it makes it impossible to know who the liability falls on if for example, doors or windows are left unlocked, property is damaged or missing, or the cat is mis-fed or not medicated correctly. We want to provide to you our highest quality cat care and home care — to your exact instructions. In order to do this, your sitter needs to be your sole cat caregiver and house sitter while you’re away. (An exception to this is regarding professional house cleaning persons.)
What does the New Client Fee include?
New clients are responsible for a New Client Fee of $15 to register with our services.

The fee covers:

  • An initial consultation meet and greet at your home with your assigned cat and house sitter for up to an hour, so together the entire expected routine can be reviewed. This is also a great time to make sure the sitter will be a good fit for you and your cat.
  • A permanent client profile record in our secure pet sitting software
  • 24/7 access to our software app to make reservations, get in touch with your sitter, and more.
  • Registration and nondescript tagging of your home keys in our software.
  • A detailed visit update report sent at the end of each scheduled cat sitting visit, via the app, that also includes photos of your kitty.
  • An ongoing relationship with your cat that will include a customized care plan to ensure that we perform all of the cat care up to your expectations.

Please note that any additional consultations you would like scheduled after this meeting will incur a $15 fee.

How far in advance should I contact your services?
Two weeks notice is standard for our cat sitting services but we prefer at least 7 days notice so that we can have sufficient time to set up the initial consultation meet and greet. However, we will do our best to fit in shorter notice requests, so never hesitate to reach out to us. We do NOT charge a short notice booking fee! However, the initial consultation meet and greet is an absolute requirement before we can provide any cat sitting services to you.

**If requesting pet sitting services for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s holidays, we strongly suggest contacting us at least two months prior — and preferably three months ahead — in order to have the best chance of securing a reservation since we book up so quickly over these holidays!

How will I know how my cat is doing while I’m on vacation?

We totally understand how difficult it is to be away from your beloved feline family member and wonder how they are managing! That is why your sitter will always send you a detailed daily visit update to let you know how your cat is doing (appetite, mood, energy level), what they enjoyed doing that day (playtime, brushing, petting), the status of your home, and any questions or concerns that came up. And perhaps best of all, the sitter will send you pictures of your kitty! Our industry-leading pet sitting app conveniently allows these to be sent as a push notification to your phone or via email and given these updates are stored securely in our system, you can review them any time you want. You can also stay in constant contact with your sitter by corresponding directly with them via the app anytime you like. All of this gives you the peace of mind that your sitter is arriving each day, staying engaged with your cat, and that he, she or “they” are doing fine!

What is your key policy?
We require at least one copy of your home keys (two copies are preferable so that one set is a backup for emergencies, lockouts, or in case your keys should stop working or break in the lock), given to your sitter at the time of the initial consultation meet and greet. If your apartment complex does not allow duplicating the necessary keys or fobs or you are otherwise unable to give us a single set at the initial consultation, a $20 pickup fee will be charged for the sitter to pick them up from you at a later date before the start of the first scheduled sitting. Alternatively, we welcome having keys stored securely in a lockbox for the sitter to retrieve on the first visit and return to it on the last visit. This avoids all of the fees and extra liability noted above. And it makes things very simple to coordinate for future sitting requests. For security and confidentiality, your keys are labeled with a random numerical code. Your sitter will never put your name, address, or other easily identifiable information on your keys.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept credit card via our portal app (3% convenience fee applies), Venmo, Square Cash, Google Pay, Zelle and Chase QuickPay. We do NOT accept personal checks or cash.
What is your cancellation policy?
Because our cat sitters carefully schedule their time to accommodate the cats in their care, and because their schedules are sometimes completely full and we cannot resell the time that has been expressly held and reserved for you, we hold the following cancellation policies:

– There are NO cash refunds or credits given for either late departures or earlier returns home from a trip.


Same day cancellations are non-refundable and any remaining payment for sittings can either be held on file or refunded.

Winter Holiday Periods:

Thanksgiving: November 22 – 28, 2021
Christmas/New Year’s: December 21 – January 2, 2022

  • Your request is not considered booked and reserved until full payment is received.
  • Other clients can book sittings in the meantime until you receive a confirmation from us.
  • If you are a new client, your assigned sitter will reach out to book meet and greet only after invoice is fully paid.

* Please remember that we are sometimes booked months in advance for holiday services and eventually have to turn down other cat parents, and sitters often give up plans with friends and family to care for your cat.

925-494-0485 info@comfortedkitty.com