Veterinarians in Phoenix You AND Your Cat Will Love!

by | Oct 10, 2023

Phoenix, Arizona, ranks third in the US for its number of cat-owning households. Around 21% of Phoenix households are cat homes, and more than half of them have two or more cats, according to the US Census Bureau’s 2021 American Housing Survey. 

If you’re one of the thousands of people in Phoenix who own a cat, you will know the importance of having a good vet to bring your pet to for regular checkups and other medical needs. 

Luckily, the Valley of the Sun is full of medical practices that you can trust. Check out these veterinarians in Phoenix your cats will love.


The Best Vets in Phoenix for Your Cat

Throughout Phoenix, there are veterinarians who offer a high standard of care for cats. There are practices with decades of service in their respective communities and cater to hundreds of loyal customers. Some vets specialize in treating only cats, providing a calming, dog-free, non-threatening space to bring your cat for its medical appointments. 

In this article, we will list some of the best vet clinics in Phoenix that will look after your cat:


Larkspur Cat Clinic 

Adorable young cat sitting in Larkspur Cat Clinic Lobby

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From newborn kittens to geriatric seniors, the Larkspur Cat Clinic treats cats of all ages and health issues. The clinic is run by Dr. Justin Smith, a vet who recognizes that cats are special and have unique needs compared to other pets. 

Larkspur Cat Clinic offers treatments ranging from wellness exams to surgery, all with a focus on making the experience as safe and cat-friendly as possible. Their end-of-life care program also provides cat owners a memorial keepsake to remember their furry friend forever.


The Scaredy Cat Hospital

Scaredy Cat Hospital Staff

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If you want a welcoming, stress-free environment to take your cat, visit The Scaredy Cat Hospital. It’s a cat-only vet clinic where you can take your cat for routine checkups, vaccinations, and dental exams or opt for advanced care treatments like cold laser therapy and surgery. 

Dr. Angela Wood and Dr. Erin Flynn, the two vets who run the hospital, are cat lovers themselves and often keep their own pets on the premises. 

The facility also offers a boarding service where cats can stay in private suites.


Scottsdale Cat Clinic

Scottsdale Cat Clinic building with a rainbow over it

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There’s no shortage of cat-only clinics in the area, and Scottsdale Cat Clinic is one of the best. It has received Gold Certified Cat-Friendly Practice status from the American Association of Feline Practitioners. Founded in 2007, Scottsdale Cat Clinic promises a high standard of care with the latest treatments. Microchipping, blood screening, ultrasound, surgery—the clinic covers everything from general to advanced cat care. 


Valet Vet In-Home Veterinarian

Valet Vet Staff Photo in Sunny Field

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The services provided by Valet Vet are so impressive you might just forget that your cat isn’t in a major animal hospital. Founded in 2013, Valet Vet is Phoenix’s leading multi-doctor, multidiscipline, full-service mobile veterinary practice. 

Beyond regular veterinary services like vaccinations, dentistry, or surgery, Valet Vet’s expert staff is also trained to perform pet cryosurgery, chiropractic pet care, and pet acupuncture. With an experienced and motivated team led by Dr. Gina Lee Finney, Valet Vet brings quality care to your doorstep.


All Creatures Animal Clinic

All Creatures Animal Clinic Staff holding cute cats and dogs

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True to their name, the team of vets at All Creatures Animal Clinic care for every kind of pet, from dogs and hamsters to exotic birds and reptiles. And most importantly for cat owners, they also offer a complete range of medical services for cats. 

All Creatures Animal Clinic protects newborn kittens from parasites and infections and provides end-of-life care for elderly cats while covering every medical need that occurs in between. 

The clinic has served over 7,000 pet owners since first opening its doors in 1987.

Scottsdale Animal Healthcare

Scottsdale Animal Healthcare Staff

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Cat owners can visit Scottsdale Animal Healthcare for any type of veterinary care. This full-service animal hospital was established in 2014 and is run by a team of five expert vets. With their diverse specializations and skill sets, the staff at Scottsdale Animal Healthcare are ready to take great care of your cat. 

The clinic is equipped to provide urgent care in case of emergencies and is partnered with a 24-hour animal hospital to cater to pets when it is closed.


Phoenix Mountain Animal Hospital

Phoenix Mountain Animal Hospital reception area

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Dr. Jason Kanarish is the founder of Phoenix Mountain Animal Hospital. He lives with two rescue cats, so he has firsthand knowledge of how to provide the best possible care for them. He specializes in soft tissue surgery and dermatology, while the hospital also offers the full complement of the latest veterinary methods. 

Phoenix Mountain Animal Hospital also advocates for rescue animals, offering free wellness exams for any pets adopted from the Phoenix shelter Home Fur Good. 


Lookout Mountain Veterinary Clinic

Lookout Mountain Veterinary Clinic Staff Photo

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Lookout Mountain Veterinary Clinic is a trusted local institution that has been serving pet owners in Phoenix for 40 years. The clinic was founded by Dr. Jeff Cook in 1984, and though he’s retired from practice, he still remains active in a mentorship role. 

Today, this long-standing practice is run by the trio of Dr. Adam Schure, Dr. Celena Edens, and Dr. Courtney Leibering. While the vets at Lookout Mountain Veterinary Clinic treat all animals, they have been certified as a Cat-Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. As a cat owner, you can rest easy knowing your pet will be well cared for.

Address: 15440 N 7th St Suite #14, Phoenix, AZ 85022

Phone Number: (602) 993-1660

Fax: (602) 789-7702



Top Quality At-Home Care for Cats

Cat sitter holding two cats

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It’s also essential to administer medication according to the doctor’s schedule. Fortunately, Phoenix cat owners need not worry about having to take a leave from work to care for their pets. 

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