Vallejo’s Best Cat Sitting Service

, Vallejo’s Best Cat Sitting Service, The Comforted Kitty


When your life takes you away from Vallejo for a few days or even weeks, Comforted Kitty is here to care for your cats while you’re gone. Our fully licensed and insured sitters visit your home and care for your cat, so you can avoid the stress that comes with finding a boarding facility.

What sets us apart from other cat sitting services is our people. Our sitters have a strong love for felines as well as years of experience caring for them. They’ll keep your cats happy so you can travel worry-free.

Cat Sitters…Not Pet Sitters

While pet sitters watch dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, emus, et., our sitters focus on cats. Just cats. That means they know how to cater to all of your cat’s individual needs to keep them healthy and happy while you’re away. Our sitters can provide the following services to your Vallejo home.

Daily Home Visits

Daily visits allow our sitters to check in with your cats on a regular basis. When your sitter visits, they clean the litter box, provide fresh food and water, and make sure your cat is in a safe home. Along with providing basic care, they also provide your cat with enrichment via playtime and pets. While you’re away, you’ll get daily updates on how your cat is doing.

Our Cat Sitters Love Cats

Comforted Kitty sitters have watched all kinds of cats from shy old tabbies to feisty little ragdolls. No matter the age, breed, and personality of your cat, our sitters will do their best to make your kitty comfortable. Before you leave, your sitter will meet with you and your cat ahead of time. This gives your cat a chance to get comfortable with the sitter, and it also gives our cat professionals a chance to learn your cat’s medications, routines, and favorite treats.

Home Care

, Vallejo’s Best Cat Sitting Service, The Comforted Kitty


When you send your cat away to a cat boarding facility or cat hotel, you need to worry about who will collect your mail and look after your house. This is the case with cat sitters. When our sitters check up on your kitty, they will make sure your home is in great shape.

Cat Sitting Throughout Vallejo

Our cat sitters can visit your Vallejo home, no matter where you live. We’re happy to care for cats that spend their days looking out at the Napa River or Carquinez Strait as well as those checking out the views of Six Flags. We also provide cat sitting services in much of the greater San Francisco Bay area.

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Praise From Previous Clients

“This service is very reliable and they truly care about the cats. Barb and Kat have both taken care of my cat, Mimi, and the full-length report they send me with pictures is always comforting and very sweet to read. If you are a new client or they are a new cat sitter, they will meet with you beforehand either in person or through zoom/phone to learn everything they need to know about your cat. They come with a clipboard and take copious notes. They ask detailed questions that show they really know what they are doing. When I’m taking a trip far away from home or with limited cell reception, it feels really good to know Mimi is in good hands.” -Serena R.

Cats in Vallejo

It’s easy for cats to call Vallejo home with all sorts of businesses helping them live their best life.

Haute Dogs & Cats

Did someone say cat boutique? Haute Dogs & Cats carries everything from cat toys to high-quality catnip to special treats. Owner Lori can help you find whatever you need.

Humane Society of the North Bay

If you’re looking to add a new feline family member, check out the cats up for adoption at the Humane Society of the North Bay. Even if you’re not looking to adopt, you can support this shelter’s mission with a donation.