How to Feel Safe Leaving Your Cat at Home While on Vacation

by | Feb 8, 2021

Picture this – you’re all packed up, your house is tidy, your plane/bus/train is leaving soon – but what about your lovely kitty? Getting ready to leave the house can be enough of a hassle as it is; throw your cat into the mix, and it can feel impossible. Any responsible pet owner knows that putting out some food and water is nowhere near enough maintenance for a cat at home alone, so how can you make sure your cat is well cared for in your absence? This article will discuss the different approaches many cat owners take, including a rating of the pros and cons of each.

, How to Feel Safe Leaving Your Cat at Home While on Vacation, The Comforted Kitty

Cats can easily grow bored and agitated when left home alone for too long.

1. Leaving your cat completely alone – 0/10

For many pet owners, leaving your cat alone for several days is an obvious no. However, the ease of doing so might be tempting – rather than find a kennel or a helpful friend to keep an eye on your kitty, you can just leave some food and water out, right? The answer is absolutely not. Cats are extremely social creatures that require lots of love, attention, and playtime. Though they may seem antisocial at times, the fact of the matter is that your cat LOVES you, and really hates it when you’re gone. Leaving your kitty alone for an extended period of time will likely cause serious anxiety, which can lead to destructive behavior. Your cat wants to play, not sulk! This method is a hard no.

, How to Feel Safe Leaving Your Cat at Home While on Vacation, The Comforted Kitty

How can you say goodbye to this face?

2. Boarding your cat – 5/10

Putting your cat in a kennel seems like the obvious choice when you’re traveling. Many vets offer this service, which might feel like a safe option. Of course you trust a vet to care for your kitty! Rather than have your cat wreak havoc at home in your absence, boarding will keep your cat completely out of trouble – at the cost of its happiness. Kennels are not only expensive, they limit your cat’s ability and space to play, socialize, and feel comfortable in a strange new environment. Though technically a secure option, boarding your cat can cause unnecessary distress. Your totally lovable, happy kitty might return home anxious and afraid, not trusting that you won’t just do it again. In a pinch, boarding is a decent option, but not highly recommended.

, How to Feel Safe Leaving Your Cat at Home While on Vacation, The Comforted Kitty

Your cat is definitely more comfortable in its own home – a metal cage in a vet’s office is a viable but poor option.

3. Have a friend watch your cat – 6/10

Cat owners tend to flock together; bonding over a love of felines opens the door to cat sitting for each other. Leaving your cat with a friend is a pretty good option if you are desperate, but even this has its drawbacks. Cats do not like being away from their own home – new smells, strange cats, and unfamiliar territory will probably disturb your kitty, who is already missing you. A helpful friend you know and trust will certainly do their best to care for your cat, but in these situations, it is best to put your cat first. Accidents can happen, emergency vet visits are always a risk, and your own anxiety might make it difficult to feel safe with your cat in a new environment. These are all potential hiccups when leaving your cat with a friend – any sensible cat owner would prefer this risk factor to be zero.

, How to Feel Safe Leaving Your Cat at Home While on Vacation, The Comforted Kitty

Cats can be slow to make friends, especially in new environments. Leaving your kitty with a friend is not ideal, unless it is already comfortable in the household.

4. Hiring a professional cat sitter – 9.5/10

When figuring out the best way to safely leave your cat while traveling, there are seemingly infinite factors to consider. Safety, comfort, unpredictable hazards, and anxiety all pose a threat to your kitty’s wellbeing. Leaving your cat completely alone is seriously dangerous; a kennel removes your cat from its comfort zone; dropping it at a friend’s house can be very risky. So, what is the best solution? Professional cat sitters offer a level of security and trust that these other options simply can’t match, providing your beloved feline the welfare they deserve in your absence.

Companies like The Comforted Kitty employ professional cat sitters whose extensive experience can give you peace of mind. Cats can be fickle creatures, requiring unique care and attention that other methods tend to overlook. As a cat-specific service, Comforted Kitty’s licensed and insured cat sitters will provide you and your furry friend thorough care, even offering daily updates to further assuage separation anxiety. Leaving your cat in the hands of professionals – especially in the comfort of your home – ticks all the boxes for your peace of mind.

, How to Feel Safe Leaving Your Cat at Home While on Vacation, The Comforted Kitty

Putting your cat in the hands of trusted professionals is the best way to feel confident about leaving them alone.

5. …just don’t leave! – 10/10

This is the answer your cat would like to give, but naturally, different situations arise that require quality cat care. When you can’t be with your cat one hundred percent of the time, the next best thing is putting it in the hands of professionals who will love your cat nearly as much as you do. The Comforted Kitty offers feeding services, playtime, litterbox cleaning, and even some additional services like medication, plant watering, and trash bin and mail retrieval. Daily visits mean your cat will be consistently socialized and tended to in your absence. When you simply have to be away from your kitty, it should be done just right!

Conclusion – Do Right By Your Cat

Leaving your cat can be an agonizing experience. When outside cat care becomes necessary, ensuring your kitty is in safe hands will make both of you feel better about the situation, as long or short as it may be. The Comforted Kitty’s services make home cat care a snap!


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