Why Two Cats Are Better Than One

by | Mar 22, 2021

Keep reading for a thorough explanation as to why you should get two!

, Why Two Cats Are Better Than One, The Comforted Kitty

How can you pick just one?

Double the trouble – half the battle

It may seem counterintuitive; how can it be easier to manage two cats, instead of just one? The answer is simple. When you aren’t around to keep Kitty entertained, their partner in crime will gladly fill the role! Cats grow bored easily, requiring constant stimulation to keep their spirits high. All the toys in the world will never compare to the fun of having another cat around to mess with. The mischief level doubles when you have two cats around, but fortunately their desire to play with one another balances this out. One bored cat is significantly more troublesome than two when there isn’t a ready-made feline distraction on hand.

, Why Two Cats Are Better Than One, The Comforted Kitty

As much as your cat loves playing with you, nothing beats the fun of a like-minded feline.

Shelters prefer it this way

When advertising cats who are up for adoption, animal shelters often display cats in pairs. Particularly if the two cats are siblings, shelters know that separating a bonded pair can be harmful to the wellbeing of the animals. Some shelters even require that cats be adopted together – knowing the potential consequences of a severed bond. Such cats can become destructive, reclusive, antisocial, and depressed. You never know what a shelter cat has been through; separating one of these kitties from its best friend can be cruel. Besides, who can resist a set of perfectly matched felines?

, Why Two Cats Are Better Than One, The Comforted Kitty

Shelter cats have it hard enough – it’s best to keep a bonded pair together.

They will adjust to your home more easily

Cats struggle with new environments – all the smells, hiding places, climb-able surfaces, and things to play with are brand new, which can be intimidating. A solitary cat trying to navigate an enormous new home might become reclusive, taking to under the bed rather than exploring. However, when a pair of kitties is introduced to a new household, their trust in one another will make it significantly easier (and more fun!) to survey their new digs. A cat that knows its trusty companion is right by their side will feel much more secure, even if deep down they are nervous. When adopting a new cat or cats, owners should do everything in their power to make sure Kitty feels comfortable.

, Why Two Cats Are Better Than One, The Comforted Kitty

Transitioning households is tough enough for cats; having a friend by their side makes it much easier.

They might need backup when meeting other pets

Everyone loves a blended animal household. Cats and dogs playing, cuddling, and napping together makes for a truly picture-perfect moment – but what if your new cat has never met a dog? Tough as they may be, cats have a serious disadvantage when it comes to size. Even if your dog is as friendly as can be, a cat in a new environment might perceive a nonexistent threat. Having another cat around, ideally one they already know, can make a cat feel more at ease. As with any new situation, having some form of familiarity creates a sense of comfort – it may as well be with your cat’s BFF.

, Why Two Cats Are Better Than One, The Comforted Kitty

Some cats adore dogs – others might need a little extra support when facing Fido.

There are multi-cat discounts to consider

When adopting two cats, your first thought might be, “this will cost twice as much!” In some cases, this is true, but many shelters and veterinary clinics offer financial incentives when adopting two cats. Some pet insurance companies offer multi-pet discounts, recognizing the added burden of an extra vet bill. Shelters and pet adoption agencies are always eager to get as many animals into good homes as possible, and will sometimes offer “buy one, get one free” deals on adoption fees. The overall cost of food, litter, toys, and vet bills might be a bit higher with two cats, but keeping a bonded pair together is priceless.

, Why Two Cats Are Better Than One, The Comforted Kitty

Keeping two kitties together is well worth the added cost.

Your cats will fare better in your absence

Traveling is an inevitable part of life. When you have pets, the idea of leaving them alone while you’re gone can be somewhat agonizing. Having two cats that absolutely adore one another can make this separation far more tolerable – without their favorite human around, they have each other to cuddle and play with. A single cat left alone might grow anxious and destructive; two bonded cats will be able to cope much better. Either way, you should never leave your cat or cats entirely unattended while you are gone. A professional cat sitting service can wipe away any anxieties you may have about leaving Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum alone.

The Comforted Kitty offers a range of services for your pet care needs, including feeding, medication, litterbox cleaning, and of course playtime. Have multiple cats? No problem – the Comforted Kitty’s professional sitters can accommodate large pet households. Daily updates will put any frayed nerves to rest; your cats will be in very good hands.


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