Traveling for the Holidays? A logical solution for your cat while you’re away

by | Feb 19, 2019

What makes the upcoming holidays so delightful and enchanting is the joy- filled, festive spirit that permeates the air around this time of the year. The holidays are the perfect time to take a break from work and forget about our daily hum-drum chores. The holiday spirit is revitalizing and restores our spirits. Anticipating spending time with our faraway relatives and friends is a sheer delight. Therefore, it’s high time to start making your travel plans.

Since you will be away for several days, while you are cementing your holiday itinerary, to assure that kitty is getting the best care during our absence, you must simultaneously plan for your beloved feline family member. It could certainly put a damper on holiday fun if you are constantly worrying about the cat.

Because cats are exceedingly sensitive to their surroundings, they can react negatively to major changes in their environment. Cats are extreme creatures of habit and exceptionally territorial. In order for them to feel secure and confident they require both a regular daily routine and to be in their familiar environment. Cats have favorite hanging-out spots, love their favorite toys, and have their customary litter boxes. When their schedules are suddenly and drastically disrupted, kitties can become highly distressed and anxious to the extent they could have an emotional and physical meltdown.

Some cat owners might consider using a commercial boarding accommodation or their veterinarian’s facility. However, cats detest radical changes and boarding them can cause extreme stress. The strange scents and the clamor of barking dogs along with being closely housed with unfamiliar cats in adjacent cages can be traumatic. Additionally, there may be little time for personal attention and interaction. Some kitties can suffer greatly from separation anxiety, and being caged at an unaccustomed and strange environment can compound their distress. Consequently, cat boarding is highly inadvisable.

Having a friend or neighbor come by to care for the cat initially might seem to be good idea. Although the kitty gets to remain at home, can you be positive that nothing will interfere with their visits? Will they be able to quickly discern that there is something is wrong with the kitty? Cats are notorious for hiding pain and illness, and any subtle symptoms might go unnoticed. Additionally, if something is amiss, would this be fair for the neighbor who took on this huge responsibility.

The consummate option is hiring a professional cat sitter to know that your cat is receiving the most appropriate care. By hiring an insured, Professional Cat Sitter you can rest assured that your cat will be fed on time, the litter boxes cleaned, and any subtle changes noticed. A professional cat sitter can administer necessary medications. Since cats thrive on both emotional and physical stimulation, a professional cat sitter will spend time playing with your beloved feline.

The Comforted Kitty is one of the highest- rated Pet Sitting Companies. Located in the San Francisco Bay area, they serve San Jose/Silicon Valley/South Bay, San Francisco Peninsula/Redwood City & San Mateo, San Rafael & Novato/Marin County/North Bay, and Oakland & Berkeley/ East Bay.

The Comforted Kitty hires professional cat sitters who truly understand felines and will carefully tend to the cat’s needs. Having a Cat Sitter not only obviates owner- worry; since kitties remain at home, this makes this a win-win situation.
Please make reservations in advance before the holidays to assure getting the perfect sitter for your kitty. The Comforted Kitty wishes you all a very Happy Holiday season.


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