Tips for Picking the Perfect Cat Sitter

by | Oct 31, 2021

When you leave town, you want to be sure your cat is in the best hands possible. You want to be able to relax and know that your kitty is being well cared for in your absence. Don’t just pick a name at random after a quick Google search. Here are some tips for picking the perfect cat sitter.

Do Your Homework

When it comes to selecting the right cat sitter for you and your kitty, you should do plenty of research first. Here are some things to look into as you search for the best candidate.

Start Looking Early

When you know you’ll need a cat sitter, don’t wait too long to start your search, especially if you will be going out of town during a major holiday. All the best cat sitters will book up quickly, so start your search as soon as you can.

Ask for Recommendations

If your friends or family members have used a cat sitter in the past, ask them for recommendations. You know you can trust their experience.

Make Sure They’re Bonded and Insured

Anybody can call themselves a cat sitter. Reputable cat sitters will always be bonded and insured. You shouldn’t consider hiring a cat sitter who isn’t insured, because it will be much more difficult to hold them liable for anything that goes wrong while they are watching your cat.

Ensure the Sitter Has Had Proper Training and a Background Check

Ask if the cat sitter has been trained in pet first aid and CPR. Find out if they have had any special training on how to handle cats or read their body language. Make sure every sitter at a company you are considering gets a criminal background check before being hired.

Find Out What’s Included

Will the cat sitter simply feed your cat and make sure water bowls are full? Will they clean out the litter box at every visit? Will they play with your cat – or at least go looking for them if they’re hiding to make sure they are OK? Will they send you pictures to show you how your kitty is doing?

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Interviewing the Sitter

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you should interview each person to make sure they will be a great match for what you and your cat need.

Have Them Meet You and Your Cat Before Sitting for You

You should always interview a potential cat sitter in your home before they sit for the first time. Make sure you and your cat like the person and they seem like a good fit. A phone interview is nice, but you can really get a better feel for how they will be with your cat if you can see them interact.

Let Them Know Your Usual Care Routine

The more details you can provide the sitter about your usual care routine, the better experience your cat will have. Do you usually feed your cat wet food in the morning and dry food in the evening? If your sitter isn’t available in the mornings, that would disturb your cat’s routine, so try to find a sitter who can work with your routine to reduce your kitty’s stress.

Make Sure You Can Reach Them 7 Days a Week

Not only should the sitter be checking on your cat every day (health problems can crop up fast, so you should never settle for visits less often than once a day) – but you should be able to reach them by phone or email every day of the week, too.

Ensure the Company Has Backup Sitters

What happens if your cat sitter gets in a car accident or has a family emergency and can’t reach your cat? Does the company have backup sitters that can still care for your cat?

, Tips for Picking the Perfect Cat Sitter, The Comforted Kitty

Prepare for the Cat Sitting

Now that you’ve found the perfect cat sitter, make sure they have everything they need for the cat sitting to go as smoothly as possible.

Organize Important Information

Before you leave town, make sure your cat’s vet records and other important information are in a prominent place where the sitter can easily see it. Leave detailed written instructions, even if you’ve already discussed everything during the interview.

Ensure Food and Treats Are Easy to Find

You don’t want the sitter to have to dig through your cabinets to find the supplies they’ll need to care for your cat. Make sure food and treats are easy to find.

Make Sure Tags or Microchip Are Up-to-Date

Unfortunately, cats can escape from even the best cat sitter. Make sure your cat has a microchip or a collar and tags with your current contact information just in case the worst happens.

Let Your Neighbors Know

If you’re familiar with your neighbors, be sure to let them know that a cat sitter will be stopping by so they don’t worry about the stranger entering your home.

Find a Cat Sitter in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Reno, Sacramento, or the San Francisco Bay Area

At The Comforted Kitty, we know that your cat is more than a pet – they’re a part of your family. We do more than just feed your kitty and clean the litter box. Our mission is to be reliable, responsible, and responsive.

That means if your cat’s behavior changes, they seem to be using the litter box more or less than usual, or if they aren’t eating right, we will contact you right away and discuss what you want to do rather than letting you know once you’ve come back to town.

Cats hide their health problems and can go downhill quickly, so having a cat sitter who is responsive could save your cat’s life when you’re away.
If you live in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area, or Sacramento, contact The Comforted Kitty today for more information about our rates and services.


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