It’s easy to love our furry friends but sometimes difficult to shop for them.  In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the coolest places to take and shop for your cat in Los Angeles. They include plenty of unique gifts and locations that your fuzzy friend is sure to love.

Cats are very independent animals, and we all know how much work it takes to keep them happy. Sometimes you just have to treat them to something special and there is nothing better than to spoil your cat with a shopping spree or even a spa day. It can be a real struggle to find the perfect place for your pet. With so many options in the Los Angles area, it can be hard to know where to start.

We have highlighted the best all over town so there is sure to be one for your to try near you. You never know what new product or service you have been missing out on. So get out and have some fun spoiling your feline companions.

Top Rated Pet Stores for Cats in Los Angeles

From food, toys, bedding, and even spa days, these stores have everything you need to keep your furry friend happy. Whether you’re looking for something special or just want to stay on top of their needs, these pet stores are sure to have what you need. So come explore the many options available in Los Angeles and give your cat the perfect shopping experience they deserve!

The Urban Pet

7515 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 933-2100 | Website

, The Best Places to Shop for Your Cat in LA – With Driving Directions, The Comforted Kitty

Taking a more zen approach to pet supplies, you’ll find a range of holistic goods for your cat at The Urban Pet. Along with all the usual necessities, they offer a thoughtful selection of products you might never have thought to buy. With their variety of options, they have something for every one of your cat’s dietary needs. They offer a blend of food with protein, vegetables, fruits, and grains that is suitable for kittens, adult cats, and all breeds. With many organic and eco-friendly options that will not only help satisfy your cat’s cravings but protect the environment as well.

The coolest thing about TheUrbanPet is they offer a self-service ‘Moon-shine’ grooming and salon. They offer everything from self-wash pods, ear cleaners, plush towels, dryers, and more, so there is plenty of room for customization. Some of their grooming products are created specifically for cats but others are universal. This self-service option allows you to create a memorable experience with your beloved feline without the anxiety that can come from letting someone else take over the grooming process.



Pet Project LA

528 S Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

(213)628-3125 | Website

, The Best Places to Shop for Your Cat in LA – With Driving Directions, The Comforted Kitty

If you want to buy clothes for your cat, PetProject is the perfect place. They have clothes for special events and everyday wear. Pet Project will satisfy any of your dress-related needs. From hoodies to jumpsuits they offer so many options to choose from that honestly can be a bit overwhelming. PetProject is a more upscale platform that brings a more modern, fashion-forward look to pets. It transforms your cat into a runway superstar with an interactive and playful experience that owners and companions alike are sure to love.

Maybe apparel isn’t your thing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spoil your pet with the best in cat-related products. The store was founded to keep pets and owners happy, using healthy, environmentally friendly products. All the cool cats love to play and they have everything your cat needs to be entertained. From scratching posts, beds, and food and offering an impressive collection of toys and accessories such as catnip-infused ‘taco chips’ and leashes.   






Tailwaggers West Hollywood

801 N. Fairfax Ave, Suite 108, West Hollywood CA, 90046

(323)464-9600 | Website

, The Best Places to Shop for Your Cat in LA – With Driving Directions, The Comforted Kitty


Tailwaggers is different from other stores because it has a wider selection of services and goods. Locally owned since 2003 this shop offers not only cat food and spa treatments but supplements and medicinal products for your feline. By browsing the shop you can see that they offer bone broths, health aids, and even elixirs. All of these are meant to support a strong immune system, reduce inflammation, and promote a healthy digestive tract in your feline. For local residents, they offer same-day and 30-minute delivery on some products which is a nice convenience for those stuck indoors.

In a world of ever-busy pet owners, many are finding it difficult to keep up with their pet’s grooming. Tailwaggers offers a full-service salon for pets and their owners, thanks to an all-star team of professional groomers, and a state-of-the-art facility. Teeth brushing, nail trimming, de-matting, and de-shedding are just a few of the services they have to choose from. If you want a more personalized experience with your furry feline, Tailwaggers has the perfect self-wash system for you! Now each cat can have its own luxury bathtime; choose from four levels of bubbles that will surely create an enjoyable spa session for your pet.




Cat Cafes and Pet Spas in Los Angeles

Cat cafes and pet spas have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering owners a unique way to spend quality time with their beloved felines. These specialized establishments provide a range of services such as grooming, bathing, nail trimming, teeth brushing and more. Not only are these places great for cats but they also offer an enjoyable experience for their owners; from interactive toys to delicious treats there’s something for everyone at these special cat-friendly locations. With cat cafes and pet spas popping up all over the world it’s clear that people have embraced this fun new trend!



Crumbs & Whiskers Cat Cafe

7924 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046

(323)879-9413 | Website


, The Best Places to Shop for Your Cat in LA – With Driving Directions, The Comforted Kitty


Crumbs and Whiskers are different because it is a cat cafe. If you have never heard of Cat Cafes or Lounges, are places where you can hang out with cats. Boasting a powerful celebrity presence including Paris Hilton and Nicole Kidman it is a stylish place to get to know how different cats interact in their environment. The place is more like an art gallery with wide open spaces, beautiful plants, and great music. The cats are not just sitting there waiting for someone to come and feed them. They are playing with each other, on the window ledges, or sleeping on the couch.

A Cat cafe is included in this list because if the cafe has a similar breed of cat to yours then it can often give you a peek into your cat’s lifestyle in a way that some busy feline owners may not normally see. It can be hard to know what to buy for the cat in your life and if you can take a step back you may be able to pick up on some of the things your cat enjoys doing or playing with. It can be helpful to think outside of the box when it comes to buying items for your feline and visiting a cat cafe may give you a different perspective on the life of your cat.




Aussie Pet Mobile

Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks

(818) 830-4070 | Website


, The Best Places to Shop for Your Cat in LA – With Driving Directions, The Comforted Kitty

For those stuck at home and looking for something fun for their cat, Mobile Pet Spa would be a great option. Getting out of the house can be difficult at times, and it would be much easier to just have someone come to you, right? With a genuine passion for service and an undeniable love for animals, the staff at Aussie Pet Mobile always strives to meet your pet-friendly grooming needs.

When it comes to cats they offer a wide variety of grooming services such as a luxurious 15-step SPA treatment, and their 100% cage-free, one on one care for your cat is there to ensure that your furry friend has the most stress-free experience possible. Their climate-controlled mobile pet spa ensures a comfortable environment for both you and your beloved feline! If you are limited in your travel or just want the luxury of treating your feline companion to a spa day in the comfort of your own home then Aussie Pet Mobile is one you should definitely check out.





Treat Your Cat When You’re Away with LA’s Best Cat Sitting Service

As a cat owner, it is important to give yourself some time away from home. But when you have to leave your feline companion behind, don’t just board them at the nearest pet store or kennel. Instead, make sure that they are taken care of in the comfort of their own home with LA’s best cat-sitting service: The Comforted Kitty!


The Comforted Kitty

Serving the entire Los Angeles Area

(323) 539-4619 | Website


, The Best Places to Shop for Your Cat in LA – With Driving Directions, The Comforted Kitty


With the Comforted Kitty, cats will be able to receive all the same pampering and attention as if you were there – without feeling stressed out by unfamiliar surroundings. From providing food and water, cleaning up after playtime messes, administering medication if necessary, and more; these services will ensure that your precious kitty, and your home, stay safe and healthy while you are away.

The Comforted Kitty provides cat-sitting services on all major holidays, so you can visit family, travel for work, or check the next exotic destination off of your bucket list without worrying about who is going to take care of your cat. Give us a call or request an appointment. We can’t wait to meet your furry friend!