The Best Pet Stores in the Simi Valley Area for Cats

by | Sep 10, 2023

There’s no shortage of pet stores in and around Simi Valley. The American Veterinary Medicine Association estimates that as many as 23.3 million cats live in the state of California. A good chunk of that population can be found lounging around their owners’ homes or roaming free as community cats in Simi Valley. If you’ve been caring for strays and feral cats, or have your own domesticated kitty at home, you should drop by these cat-friendly pet stores and stock up on kibble, litter, treats, and toys. 

This list of the nine best pet stores in your area will ensure that there’s a good cat section you can rely on. Take a look and see if you can find a few favorite stores for your feline!


R&R Pet Lifestyle and Supply

R&R Pet Lifestyle and Supply Interior cat food display

One of Simi Valley’s most well-loved pet stores, R&R Pet Lifestyle and Supply is a local institution. Their mantra is “Shop Smart. Shop Local. Support Independent.” They carry a mouthwatering array of dry and wet food for cats, including a selection of treats. Grooming supplies, cleaning supplies, and healthcare products for cats are also stocked. You can shop online, make a personal visit, or book a curbside pickup from the store.

To make shopping easier and more interesting, their online shop has an accessible list of “customer favorites” that you can peruse.

Address: 2780 Tapo Canyon Road, Simi Valley, CA 93063

Phone: (805) 210-5262




Theresa’s Country Feed & Pet

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The largest independent, family-owned pet store in Southern California, Theresa’s Country Feed & Pet has been going strong since 1983. Apart from an expansive inventory featuring products from the top cat food brands and toy brands, you can also book a dental appointment and have your cat’s teeth cleaned here! Theresa’s customers can also check out their monthly deals or enroll in the frequent buyer program to unlock bigger savings over time. 

The store is a pretty active member of the local community with scheduled events throughout the year. They host street fairs, anniversary events, and more. So, if you’re interested in buying supplies and connecting with other pet lovers, you may want to drop by their branch in Simi Valley along Erringer Road.


Pet Food Express

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With multiple pet stores across the state, Pet Food Express is a homegrown California success story. Cat owners can browse their selections of treats, toys, supplements, and vitamins to make sure their pet is eating only the healthiest food. They also stock grooming tools, litter and waste management products, and fun apparel and accessories for cats. You can avail of special offers when you shop online with Pet Food Express. Over the years, the brand has also supported the local community of pet owners by organizing events like the Bay Area Pet Fair.


Love’s Pets

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While big national chain stores chase profit margins, boutique pet stores like Love’s Pets put your animal friends’ well-being first. Larry Horn, the store’s owner, prides himself on stocking all-natural, holistic brands that may not be found in bigger stores. All your cat’s needs—from food, treats, and medicines to carriers, toys, and grooming supplies—can be met with a single visit to Love’s Pets. 


Big Al’s Feed and Pet

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Cat lovers must visit Big Al’s Feed in Simi Valley. Aside from the food, treats, toys, and accessories it offers, it is also the site of Pawpurrs Kitten Rescue. Every weekend, the Pawpurrs team sets up shop at Big Al’s Feed, bringing in their rescued kittens for an adoption drive. 

Between the range of products on the shelves at Big Al’s Feed and the adorable kittens looking for a forever home, this place is a haven for cats and their humans in Simi Valley!


Before You Go

Fortunately, Simi Valley is a city that loves cats so you’ll find tons of retail options for your feline’s needs. Whether you need kitty litter, treats, cat food, a new cat toy, or something else, we hope this list has given you great leads that will have your pet purring with satisfaction. 

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What to Look For In a Great Pet Store

When searching for the best pet stores for your feline friend in Simi Valley, it’s important to consider a few key factors. Firstly, a great pet store should prioritize the health and well-being of cats. Look for stores that offer a wide variety of high-quality cat food, treats, and toys, with knowledgeable staff who can provide advice on nutrition and dietary needs. A clean and well-maintained environment is also crucial, as it ensures your cat’s safety and comfort while shopping.

Additionally, a good pet store should stock essential supplies like litter, litter boxes, scratching posts, and grooming tools. Finally, a great pet store often goes the extra mile by offering unique and innovative products, such as interactive toys or eco-friendly cat accessories. Keep these considerations in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect pet store for your cherished feline companion in Simi Valley.

Popular Cat Products to Shop for in Person

Cat owners frequently seek out a range of popular products when visiting pet stores to enhance their feline companion’s lives. Topping the list are premium cat food brands and treats, as pet owners prioritize their cat’s nutrition.

Interactive toys, such as feather wands and laser pointers, are also favorites, providing mental and physical stimulation for curious kitties.

Litter and litter boxes are essential purchases, and many owners opt for innovative, low-maintenance options like self-cleaning litter boxes.

Cat furniture like scratching posts and cozy beds are highly sought after to keep cats entertained and comfortable.

Grooming tools, including brushes and nail clippers, are important for maintaining a cat’s coat and overall hygiene. Furthermore, many cat parents indulge in accessories like stylish collars, harnesses, and even clothing to show off their feline friend’s personality.

Overall, these popular cat products cater to both the practical and playful needs of cats, making pet stores a treasure trove for devoted cat owners in Simi Valley. Check out our finds and let us know if we have left off your favorite pet store for your cats.



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