The Best Pet Stores for Cats in East Bay – Berkeley’s Best Stores for Cats

by | Feb 7, 2024

Hey there, fellow cat lovers! It’s Dan McPartlan here from The Comforted Kitty- the cat sitter Berkeley residents are raving about! If you’re anything like me, you know that our feline friends deserve nothing but the best, especially when it comes to food, treats, and fun products that keep their tails wagging. Shopping locally in Berkeley for your cat not only supports our community but also ensures your kitty enjoys the highest quality products available. Let’s dive into some of the most popular new products for cats and highlight the top pet stores in Berkeley and Oakland, ensuring your feline finds their new favorite thing!

Young woman playing with cat

Popular New Products for Cats

From tech gadgets that stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts to organic and gourmet food options that cater to the pickiest eaters, the pet industry is always innovating. Some of the latest trends include:

  • Interactive Cat Toys: Keep your cat engaged with motion-activated toys that mimic prey movements.
  • Health and Wellness Products: From supplements for coat health to CBD treats for anxiety, there’s a focus on keeping our pets happy and healthy.
  • Eco-Friendly Products: Sustainable and biodegradable products are not just good for the planet but safe for your cat too.

Top Pet Stores for Cats in Berkeley and Oakland


Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express Front Entryway

Since 1980, Pet Food Express, located at 6398 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA, with their contact number (510) 923-9500 and website, stands out as a champion for California pets’ health and happiness, mirroring our journey at The Comforted Kitty. What sets Pet Food Express apart is not just their extensive selection of high-quality products, including a wide range of cat foods and supplies that cater to the specific nutritional needs and preferences of our feline friends but also their commitment to selling only products they’d use for their pets. This aligns perfectly with our ethos at The Comforted Kitty, where we believe in providing nothing but the best for our pets. Their team of Pet Experts, ready to guide you through the sometimes overwhelming world of pet nutrition and care, echoes our dedication to personalized, knowledgeable service. Whether it’s their in-store Wellness Center, Veterinary Clinic, or the convenience of their self-service pet wash, Pet Food Express is more than a store; it’s a community cornerstone for pet lovers seeking the best for their companions.


Pet Club Emeryville

Pet Club Emeryville Front Entrance Exterior

At The Comforted Kitty, we understand the importance of finding the best for our feline friends without breaking the bank. That’s why I appreciate businesses like Pet Club in Emeryville, located at 3535 Hollis St, Oakland, CA, reachable at (510) 595-7955 or online at As a family-owned enterprise deeply rooted in the Bay Area, Pet Club resonates with our commitment to community and quality pet care. With 12 locations around the Greater Bay Area, they leverage their buying power to offer an extensive selection of pet food and supplies at competitively low prices. Their mission to provide high-quality pet products at the best price possible aligns with our goal to ensure every cat in our care receives top-notch nutrition and happiness. Pet Club’s invitation to shop and compare prices reflects a confidence in value that we, at The Comforted Kitty, also share with our clients. Whether you’re stocking up on essentials or looking for the latest in cat care innovation, Pet Club stands as a testament to affordable quality for discerning pet owners in our community.

Paco Collars

Luxury Cat Collars from Paco Collars

In the heart of Berkeley at 2905 Shattuck Ave., you’ll find Paco Collars, a unique establishment far removed from your typical pet store. As someone who’s dedicated to providing the best for our feline and canine companions, I’ve always admired businesses that share a similar passion for quality and craftsmanship. Paco Collars is one such place, blending art, craft, and a deep love for pets into every handmade piece. Founded in 2002 by Ana Poe, a craftsperson driven by a desire to create a non-intimidating, high-quality leather collar for their pit bull, Paco, the business has evolved from a side project into a beloved brand. Paco Collars distinguishes itself by using durable latigo leather, ensuring each collar is not just a fashion statement but a lasting accessory for your pet. The studio in West Berkeley, now a creative space bustling with activity, continues to uphold the values of strength, love, and style. Whether you’re seeking something special for your cat or dog, Paco Collars offers an array of products that promise both functionality and aesthetic appeal, embodying the true spirit of bespoke pet accessories.

For cat owners seeking unique and durable collars, visit Paco Collars at their Berkeley location or reach out at (510) 848-7226. Explore their offerings online at Paco Collars to discover how they can provide your beloved pet with a collar that stands the test of time and style.

Sleepy Cat Books

Sleepy Cat Books' store cat lounging by some popular books

While curating a list of the best places for cat lovers in Berkeley, I couldn’t resist including a spot that, while not a pet store, captures the essence of our feline friends’ serene and curious nature. Sleepy Cat Books, nestled in downtown Berkeley at 2509 Telegraph Avenue, is a quaint and inviting bookshop that beckons cat enthusiasts and book lovers alike. Open daily from 12pm-5:30pm for in-store browsing, it offers a delightful selection of new and gently used books across various genres.

What sets Sleepy Cat Books apart is not just its charming name but its warm, welcoming atmosphere, where the love for cats and literature intertwines. Whether you’re looking to place an order to ship directly to your doorstep or searching for a special gift (complete with gift wrap!), supporting this independent bookstore is a joy for any bookworm. Their commitment to fostering a community of readers and cat admirers alike shines through their thoughtful service and cozy ambiance.

For those enchanted by the blend of cats and books, following their journey on Instagram at or exploring their collection online at is a must. And if you wish to reach out, emailing or calling (925) 258-9076 will connect you to this unique Berkeley gem.


Spoil Your Cat When You Leave Town with Berkeley’s Best Cat Sitters!

Cat sitter holding cat

For those discerning cat owners in Berkeley looking not just for premium products but also for unparalleled cat care, remember The Comforted Kitty is here to serve you. As the go-to cat sitter Berkeley residents trust, we ensure your feline friends receive the love, care, and attention they deserve in the comfort of their own homes rather than a cat boarding facility. Learn more about the best in cat-sitting services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at The Comforted Kitty.


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