Here’s some of what our satisfied clients are saying about our professional cat sitting services!

  •   I am so thankful for taking such a good care of our kitty while we were out of town. Looking at the photos of him sent by Poppy, I could tell that he opened up to her towards the end and was happy to see her.  We really loved the photos and notes sent to us everyday.

    They did everything we asked for so perfectly including watering plants.
    We are 100% satisfied and use their service again for sure!!

    thumb Asuka Y.

      I have been searching for a cat sitter for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday for two days now. Not many services answer their phone, so I left messages and those went unanswered, except for "the Comforted Kitty". They answered almost immediately and I greatly appreciate that. Even though they were fully booked for the holiday, they told me so, and I could cross them off my list. For that reason, I give them five stars. I will definitely call them again in the future, because they treated me well and they care about their business, so I would trust them with my cat. Besides, my son recommended them.

    thumb Halina C.
  •   I've been using The Comforted Kitty for almost a year now since moving to Oakland and couldn't be happier. I am 100% a helicopter parent to my cat, and have very specific care instructions for him while I'm away. Daniel has always been extremely responsive, respectful, thoughtful, and caring in our correspondence. I also appreciate that he truly has pulled together and manages such a magnificent team, and I would be comfortable with any of them taking the utmost care of my cat.

    Furthermore, I want to give a shout out to Barb, who comes to take care of my cat whenever I'm out of town. My cat started off being very hissy towards her, but she's brilliant at reading a situation and responding accordingly. She gives space when needed, and attention when wanted. Each visit has gotten better and better! Now, a hiss is rare, and he'll even allow her to pet him! She follows my instructions to a T, and it really puts me at ease while I'm away. I also very much appreciate the thorough check-ins I get from her. I've used other sitters before who will send me a single photo and a sentence of "yeah he's here. I fed him". So frustrating! But this NEVER happens with Barb. Every visit I get multiple pictures of my cat playing, getting pets, eating, lounging and a FULL breakdown of the visit. I know this takes extra time, but it really has impressed me and I'm so grateful for it. Putting that extra time and care into letting me know about the full visit, shows me that she is also putting that extra time and care into each visit.

    Thank you Daniel! Thank you Barb! Thank you Comforted Kitty!!!!

    thumb Jay M.

      Daniel's service is thorough and comprehensive. He is the cats meow! I initially hoped to ask for every other day to try to save money, but having the peace of mind was well worth it, and the cats enjoyed daily visits and were much better behaved than they have been in the past when we've been gone. The price includes additional perks that make it worthwhile, such as getting the mail and watering the plants, and bringing down the trash. I got daily detailed updates and photos. He was very professional and asked all the right questions on the complimentary initial meeting, from personalities and preferences to location of carriers in case of emergency. I will be using this service regularly.

    thumb Kyle M.
  •   We've been using The Comforted Kitty for over a year now, mainly for short trips. We have always been pleased with the thoughtful way that Daniel has with kitties. Our most recent vacation was more than a week long and Daniel really was wonderful. In addition to the expected feeding and litter box cleaning, he found ways to entertain our cats, reporting daily via text (with pictures) about his visits. He also took in our mail and dealt with trash and recycling. Highly recommended.

    thumb Jennifer T.

      This is the second time I ordered a service from the Comforted Kitty. My cats were very well taken care of by Tera. She played with them, pet them and gave them lots of love. I also received photos of my kitties on a daily basis, which really made me relieved since I was so far away from them. The house was clean and mails were collected when I came back home. The Comforted Kitty is definitely the best cat sitting company I've ever met!

    thumb Joanna L.
  •   I went out of town for a week, and Daniel took care of my cat, Javier. I was really happy with the job that Daniel did. Before my trip, all my communication with The Comforted Kitty was very professional and helpful; Daniel was very prompt in replying to my emails and answered all of my questions.

    Before I left, Daniel came over for a "meet and greet" with Javier. During this consultation, my cat got to get used to Daniel's presence and smell. It was clear that Daniel had already reviewed the instructions I had written out online, and he also took notes as I showed him where to find the food, litter, cleaning supplies, etc.

    During my trip, Daniel took great care of my kitty. He sent me an update every day about how Javier was doing. He even included a few photos each day. Javier warmed right up to Daniel.

    I was really concerned about leaving my cat home alone for the first time, but I was relieved to see how well Daniel took care of Javier and my apartment. I would definitely recommend The Comforted Kitty.

    thumb Jessica H.

      Daniel has taken care of our cat three times now, and each time, we have been impressed with his conscientious care. Our cat is very social, and human interaction is really important to him, so it's hard on him when we are away. Daniel's visits have made a huge difference in how he has reacted emotionally to our absences--his behavior when we return is comfortable and normal, because of the quality of the attention he's received. Daniel is very perceptive about whether our cat wants a lot of petting or is feeling playful, and responds accordingly. His daily messages are detailed, and the photos are a pleasure, and give us a reassuring sense for how things are going while we're away. Daniel is very thorough and professional--he thinks of everything he needs for any eventuality, so that any emergency is covered. We are so grateful to him for providing this service!

    thumb Katherine K.
  •   Daniel was an integral part of my move to the Bay Area as I moved here with a sick older cat who was my best friend. He took on the job of watching her a few times for me as I traveled frequently for work and then took on the challenge of watching my very rambunctious cat and ridiculously dramatic and shy sweetheart of a kitten when my older girl passed away. Daniel's willingness to help with cat medicine was amazing and he was always very professional and organized with visits (more so than me...). His persistence with my kitten was so sweet, too--she finally did warm up to him! I feel like he is a friend to my cats now! Poppy also took on the challenge with my shy girl, who finally did come around again. Just working with Daniel and Poppy was SO great. The cats were always happy and I was never worried about them. If you're looking for above and beyond with pet sitting, definitely, this is the place. We recently moved out of the area but I HIGHLY recommend Daniel for your cat sitting needs!

    thumb Meredith L.

      My husband and I needed a cat sitter last minute since our friend had to cancel. After doing some research online, I decided to contact The Comforted Kitty. Initially it looked like they might not have availability due to the somewhat last minute request, but Daniel and Helen both went out of their way to fit us into their schedule. The whole process was very easy and both Daniel and Helen, our cat sitter, were excellent at communicating with us quickly and often. We could not have been happier with Helen. She was wonderful with our 8 month old kitten and we felt completely safe leaving him in her hands. She gave us detailed updates each day we were gone, and included pictures. We will definitely be using The Comforted Kitty for our future cat sitting needs. We are so relieved to have found a reliable, trustworthy company to take care of our little guy when we're away.

    thumb Megan G.
  •   We signed up for the Comforted Kitty in order to get a pet-sitter for our cat, Ripley while we were away for President's Day weekend. We were paired with Poppy. Poppy was great! She made sure she understood Ripley's care, and reassured us about concerns we had. She sent us pictures and updates, which was a big comfort while we were out of town. She also brought toys for Ripley to play with, which he really appreciated because he loves new toys! The Comforted Kitty app is also very easy to use, that's where we received our pictures and updates, and you can also pay right in the app. We will definitely hire Poppy again for our next vacation.

    thumb Abbie P.

      Was so happy with the services the Comforted Kitty provided over the holidays. The daily e-mails they sent with pictures of our cat were great and especially liked that they denoted the actions they took through a check list (litter, changed water, gave treats etc.) Marion clearly took great care of our cat because she was much less anxious than she normally is when we return. Will use them again!

    thumb Kate W.
  •   We used Comforted Kitty to care for cat over Christmas (in Oakland) and we were very happy with the service!  Erin was extremely helpful and pleasant to work with.  We appreciated the daily updates!  We'll definitely be using Erin/Comforted Kitty again and highly recommend them!

    thumb Teresa D.

      We moved recently to the East Bay and found Daniel as a sitter through recommendation from a friend. We've used the service twice and so far are very satisfied. Daniel takes awesome pictures and gives detailed updates in a timely manner. And our cats seemed to be happy when we returned home from a weekend away.

    Will highly recommend their service for any cat-owning weekend warrior like us!

    thumb Ivy T.
  •   We had a great experience with Daniel.  We came back home, and everything looked perfect.  When we met with him initially, he seemed very thorough and attentive to detail.  We were very happy with him!

    thumb Maria D.

      Barbara is one serious kitty whisperer!  Our two cats immediately took to her and seem to know when they are getting a special visit from her! We love her updates, her punctuality, and the awesome cute photos.  We had a different sitter for many years whom we loved who moved away.  Thank goodness we (and our cuties) were able to find The Comforted Kitty

    thumb Lee L.
  •   We're in Marin County, and The Comforted Kitty saved our sanity. Gotta agree with the reviewers who said that The Comforted Kitty is also about comforting the kitties' humans! Our usual sitter had flaked out. I contacted Daniel, we met him and Marleena and appreciated how they interacted with us and our cats, we went traveling with zero worries about any of them, got text & photo updates from Mar about how the cats did with each visit, and came back to well-cared-for kitties.

    There was one thing, before we left, that I thought was a problem that Daniel handled promptly, conscientiously, and -- when I eventually realized that it was no problem but simply, oops, MY misunderstanding -- very graciously. Class act, all the way.

    Slam-dunk 5 stars for due diligence, responsiveness, professionalism, attentiveness, kitty-care skills, integrity... For reals, add any rave-review adjective here and it would fit The Comforted Kitty. Daniel and his people are keepers.

    thumb Wendy L.

      Daniel took care of our cat for a little over a week while we were away and out of cell phone range. He was very professional from the start and the detailed contract gave me peace of mind. He sent great daily updates and went above and beyond to bond with our very shy kitty. By the end of the week, our kitty was sitting in his lap and licking his hands. I know he could not have accomplished this without spending significant time and effort. Definitely would be my first choice of cat sitting service in the future.

    thumb Alina K.
  •   These are the best cat sitters! They seem to genuinely love cats and are very conscientious. They bring toys to each visit and send lots of pictures. As an added bonus, you can do the booking and payment online. I definitely recommend them!

    thumb Lisa G.

      We went on a 2 week bike trip in Europe and had Comforted Kitty and Betsy take care of our two older cats, plants, etc. The whole process was extremely well organized and we felt very comfortable having Betsy watching over the cats. We received daily updates and videos on the cats which was very reassuring. They did an excellent job and we will definitely be utilizing Comforted Kitty services again.

    thumb R. B.