Here’s some of what our satisfied clients are saying about our professional cat sitting services!

  •   We've been using The Comforted Kitty for over a year now, mainly for short trips. We have always been pleased with the thoughtful way that Daniel has with kitties. Our most recent vacation was more than a week long and Daniel really was wonderful. In addition to the expected feeding and litter box cleaning, he found ways to entertain our cats, reporting daily via text (with pictures) about his visits. He also took in our mail and dealt with trash and recycling. Highly recommended.

    thumb Jennifer T.

      We're in Marin County, and The Comforted Kitty saved our sanity. Gotta agree with the reviewers who said that The Comforted Kitty is also about comforting the kitties' humans! Our usual sitter had flaked out. I contacted Daniel, we met him and Marleena and appreciated how they interacted with us and our cats, we went traveling with zero worries about any of them, got text & photo updates from Mar about how the cats did with each visit, and came back to well-cared-for kitties.

    There was one thing, before we left, that I thought was a problem that Daniel handled promptly, conscientiously, and -- when I eventually realized that it was no problem but simply, oops, MY misunderstanding -- very graciously. Class act, all the way.

    Slam-dunk 5 stars for due diligence, responsiveness, professionalism, attentiveness, kitty-care skills, integrity... For reals, add any rave-review adjective here and it would fit The Comforted Kitty. Daniel and his people are keepers.

    thumb Wendy L.
  •   I moved to Berkeley last July, along with my beloved Lila. I'm a shameless cat mom who is simply obsessed with my furry angel. I was so worried about leaving her with a new cat sitter, since she can be shy and would sometimes go on a near hunger strike when I was away. Daniel and Poppy first came to meet Lila, and had a detailed questionnaire about her habits and dietary needs. Poppy is the most caring and reliable cat sitter, and clearly enjoys spending time with the animals she visits. Lila LOVES her, as evidenced by the photos I receive whenever Poppy visits. She not only does the job of feeding her and cleaning the litter box. She brushes her, plays with her, and gives her so much love and affection. In short, I have blind trust in Poppy, I am so thankful to have found Daniel's service and highly recommend it!

    thumb Dana B.

      The Comforted Kitty is a gift to all cat parents in the Bay Area! Me and my partner recently adopted a kitten, who we fell in love with, and who quickly became a member of our little family! However, me and my partner had a busy year ahead of us and had planned upcoming trips. We suddenly had a dilemma and the idea of leaving our kitten alone with someone we didn't trust did not sit well with us (we are still making friends in the Bay Area and don't know any sitters).

    Fortunately, the Comforted Kitty gave us peace of mind while we prepared for our trips and were away. From our first correspondence, Daniel and his team were extremely professional, thorough, and showed nothing but care for our kitten. It is evident that the entire Comforted Kitty team is passionate, knowledgable, and has nothing but the best of intentions for cats and their clients.

    Poppy was our sitter, and is wonderful! Poppy asked us thorough questions ahead of time to make sure our kitten was cared for and that everything ran smoothly. This meant so much to us as we prepared for our trip. Poppy also sent us pictures twice a day while we were away! We genuinely looked forward to her pictures and detailed updates everyday. This truly made our trip that much easier and enjoyable knowing that our kitten was in such caring hands!

    We are thankful to have found the Comforted Kitty. We had such a great experience that we have booked services for our trips for the remainder of the year! We no longer have to worry what to do while we are away - thank you Comforted Kitty for that gift. I recommend the Comforted Kitty to all the fellow cat parents out there - from one cat parent to another, you will not be disappointed! Enjoy. ūüôā

    thumb Kimberly K.
  •   My husband and I needed a cat sitter last minute since our friend had to cancel. After doing some research online, I decided to contact The Comforted Kitty. Initially it looked like they might not have availability due to the somewhat last minute request, but Daniel and Helen both went out of their way to fit us into their schedule. The whole process was very easy and both Daniel and Helen, our cat sitter, were excellent at communicating with us quickly and often. We could not have been happier with Helen. She was wonderful with our 8 month old kitten and we felt completely safe leaving him in her hands. She gave us detailed updates each day we were gone, and included pictures. We will definitely be using The Comforted Kitty for our future cat sitting needs. We are so relieved to have found a reliable, trustworthy company to take care of our little guy when we're away.

    thumb Megan G.

      i saw these reviews and took a shot with Daniel and The Comforted Kitty, and i couldn't be more pleased with the care provided to my little cat. The business side is so professional and the care so personal, i can't tell you what a relief it was to have someone my kitten loves caring for him! i am so grateful for this service! Daniel really had a way with cats! Mine is quite shy and took to him right away! Daniel sent updates with photos every single day at the same time- i even contacted him while i was still away to extend his daily visits by 15 minutes because i was so happy with the service provided. i don't normally write reviews on yelp, but i felt such security with The Comforted Kitty i wanted to tell the community: if you are looking for a service you can trust that will care for your cat and your home, look no further- Daniel is your guy!

    thumb N B.
  •   I contacted Daniel about a week before going out of town on Labor Day weekend, and he was very prompt in replying. The process was well organized and he was very thorough in getting all the information he needed to take good care of my two cats. I really appreciated the detailed updates and photos he sent with every visit. Highly recommended!

    thumb Laura N.

      Daniel took care of our cat for a little over a week while we were away and out of cell phone range. He was very professional from the start and the detailed contract gave me peace of mind. He sent great daily updates and went above and beyond to bond with our very shy kitty. By the end of the week, our kitty was sitting in his lap and licking his hands. I know he could not have accomplished this without spending significant time and effort. Definitely would be my first choice of cat sitting service in the future.

    thumb Alina K.
  •   Barbara is one serious kitty whisperer! ¬†Our two cats immediately took to her and seem to know when they are getting a special visit from her! We love her updates, her punctuality, and the awesome cute photos. ¬†We had a different sitter for many years whom we loved who moved away. ¬†Thank goodness we (and our cuties) were able to find The Comforted Kitty

    thumb Lee L.

      Howdy cat parents! I recently moved back to Oakland after being in San Francisco. My former cat sitters in SF don't cover Oakland, and I no longer have a roommate to sit for my best furry friend, Squirrel. So, I looked online and found The Comforted Kitty. I really, really, really love that they only sit for cats. My last cat sitters (although lovely people) were more focused on dogs, and us cat guardians know that cats are not dogs and have different needs. The Comforted Kitty understands that.

    When Daniel and Barb came to my place for the initial visit, I knew they were the right people to take care of Squirrel. Squirrel, while not a fan of all other cats, does need human interaction on a daily basis with lots cuddles. Barb came to my house and, if I remember correctly, was wearing shoes that had cats painted on them. "Crazy cat lady" status was achieved in my mind, and I was sold! ūüôā Also, Squirrel is initially shy with new strangers. She dislikes new and loud noises. Barb did not try to force her attention and let Squirrel come to her in her own time. A cat person. I loved it. Barb has sat for me (and Squirrel) three times now, and I have a few longer trips coming up this year. Needless to say, The Comforted Kitty is my go-to. I don't worry about Squirrel when I'm gone anymore. They send lovely photos and very detailed updates every day. I know Squirrel is happy and comfortable with Barb. Also, they clean up any cat accidents if need be, water my plants, and bring in my mail, too.

    And, as a side note, their online booking system is easy, quick, and user-friendly.

    Now that I've said all this, just book them if you need a cat sitter. They are really the best.

    thumb Heidi H.
  •   Having four furry beasts to contend with I couldn't have asked for a better sitter than Poppy! She tended to their individual needs and when we came home we got looks of 'oh, you guys went away? We hadn't noticed! Great communication throughout while we were away. I have, and will be, booking with these again!

    thumb D K.

      I highly recommend the Comforted Kitty to anyone looking for awesome cat sitting. ¬†I have hired Daniel and Poppy several times for my "twin" tuxedo kitties, Phoenix and Luna. ¬†The first time I hired Daniel he came to my home for an in home consultation regarding my cats' feeding, sleeping, and playing habits. ¬†He stayed for nearly an hour writing notes about all their care particulars. ¬†While I was away he texted daily letting me know that they had been eating and using their litter box regularly. ¬†The next time I hired the Comforted Kitty, Poppy took over my cats' care. ¬†Again, Daniel came over with Poppy so that he could personally introduce her and ensure that I could give her the same instructions. ¬†Since then, Poppy has cared for my cats 3-4 times. ¬†Again, each time, she texts me regularly so I know that they're doing well. ¬†The Comforted Kitty is top notch pet sitting. ¬†I am (clearly) pretty particular (ok neurotic!) about my fur babies' care and I appreciate that whenever I leave, my twins are in excellent hands!

    thumb Nicole G.
  •   I can't say enough good things about our cat sitter, Barbara, she is wonderful with our cats.... and even more so with us. we hate going out of town and leaving our kitties behind, but Barbara always has photos and updates for us while we are away. We wouldn't use any other service!

    thumb Quinne B.

      I am so thankful for taking such a good care of our kitty while we were out of town. Looking at the photos of him sent by Poppy, I could tell that he opened up to her towards the end and was happy to see her. ¬†We really loved the photos and notes sent to us everyday.

    They did everything we asked for so perfectly including watering plants.
    We are 100% satisfied and use their service again for sure!!

    thumb Asuka Y.
  •   We have been using them for a year and we are very satisfied with their services. Prompt, timely and consistent. We greatly recommend Comforted Kitty team

    thumb Marcel L.

      From the promptness in email response to the kitty "intake form..." an all-around truly professional service! Daniel runs his company not only as a businessman but obviously a cat lover and really covers all the bases. The questions on the initial form go over your kitty's likes, potential hiding places, vet information, and much more. Before I even met my cat sitter I was impressed!

    When we first met Poppy she listened attentively and respectfully to our long list of "kitty and house quirks." During our couple trips out of town, she took such loving care of our two cats and made sure to keep an eye on one that sometimes needs help finishing eating. She brushed and played with them and sent us a ton of pictures and detailed updates! We felt at ease knowing a true cat lover was hanging out with our boys and will continue to use Poppy and the Comforted Kitty whenever we leave town!

    thumb Sara G.
  •   I adopted my first-ever cat in June. The Comforted Kitty has already given me great peace of mind when I travel and need cat sitting for my beautiful kitty. They keep great records, have an easy-to-use online booking service, and best of all, amazing cat sitters! Poppy sweetly attends to my cat when I'm away, making sure to play with my kitty, scoop and sweep around her litter box, and offer her a human touch. Best of all, you can request to receive picture updates when your cat sitter visits! I love that Poppy sends a dozen adorable pictures of my cat after each visit! I am so happy The Comforted Kitty exists!!

    thumb Kat D.

      This is my first yelp review. I wanted to write this to help other people who care deeply for their cats find a proper sitter.

    We were very worried about leaving "Obi," our six month old kitty with a sitter and giving a stranger access to our apartment for an entire week. The comforted kitty put us at ease so we could relax on our vacation. The online registration was very thorough and each sitter is insured.

    Our sitter Barbara was amazing. It was obvious she loved cats and was dedicated to their well being when she came by for the meet and greet with Obi. She took down a ton of notes about care for Obi and also about our other needs as we had her water our plants and take care of our fish tank while we were gone.

    Her daily updates were very detailed and she sent us a number of pictures after each visit. When we returned, Obi looked very healthy and well cared for. It was obvious Barb had taken great care of him as well as our apartment.

    I highly recommend Barbara and the comforted kitty. We will definitely use them again when we need kitty sitting. Thank you Barb!!

    thumb Jake B.
  •   What can I say, if you desire peace of mind when you are away, than I strongly encourage you to look no further.

    We first met Daniel who owns The Comforted Kitty, along with one of his sitters Betsy.. Two purebred, spoiled out of their minds Bengals that generally take the safe route and "run and hide" when an intruder enters the house :).  

    Both our guys, sat tight, in fact were curious and immediately warmed-up to Betsy and Daniel, even showing-off for them on their exercise wheel.  Go figure

    Daniel asks intelligent, granular questions regarding your CAT's care, truly from A-Z..  Licensed, Bonded, Insured...  Certainly a plus, but we would have hired Daniel and Betsy regardless of the paperwork, as well we want the best of our family members when we are away.. :).

    Daniel and team only service cats.  This was a huge factor for my wife and I, as I would prefer not to have our sitter enter our home, after just spending time with a Golden Retriever or two.  Our guys would go batty....

    Note:  I am not big on social media or providing reviews,but Daniel - Comforted Kitty deserve it.

    Thanks for doing what you do Daniel, it is appreciated!!

    thumb Brad P.

      We had a trip coming up, and our kitten will be home alone for the first time. ¬†So glad we found The Comforted Kitty!

    They are true professionals and you can just tell that they really care for cats.  Daniel, the owner, was super responsive in all of his communications.  And Poppy, our sitter, took such great care of our little kitty.  We loved getting detailed updates from Poppy, and the pics showed how our little guy loved his play time with her!  The peace of mind knowing our kitten is doing well at home during our travel makes The Comforted Kitty true to its name.

    They will definitely be our go-to sitter whenever needed, and also highly recommend to those who are looking for a trustworthy and dependable sitter for their kitties.

    thumb S W.