Victor L.

by | Sep 13, 2022

Howdy, my name is Victor and I adore cats. I used to work on various farms for about 4 years and the best part about that experience was waking up at 6 am to take care of all sorts of animals. Then finishing up with chores at around 7pm to take care of the animals again. As large as cattle and as small as chickens. We even took care of cats to make sure the pests were at an all-time low. I would watch those cats prowl in high weeds and even jump onto the tall shacks. It’s a shame when people confuse cats’ behavior as being uncaring or negative, which is far from the truth. Some folks find taking care of animals as tedious and undignified. But, to me on the farm we call “animal husbandry” because we care about animals and are observant with their body behavior and needs.

I’m currently helping take care of a Shiba Inu named Roxy and I am no stranger to animals that shed a lot. Family friends also ask me to watch over their two dogs whenever they go on vacation to Las Vegas for the weekend. I’ve taken care of a family friend’s two cats for a month and enjoyed every second of it. I also have taken care of 1 stray Tabby Cat who I named “Mittens”, was a delight to watch over. Patience and being considerate are my main beliefs in life that have helped me find fulfillment in taking care of animals. I find enjoyment in the little things such as reading, writing, banjo playing, and gardening. But I’ve especially enjoyed ice cream/chex mix making with a side of hiking. I am also currently involved with finding homes for cats with the San Diego Humane Society and donate to them often.


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