Trisha A.

by | Apr 16, 2022

Trisha’s love of cats began in childhood. Her family always had one or two indoor cats growing up in Minnesota and she felt an intuitive connection with them. She remembers the first kitten she picked out at the pet store, a gray kitten with white paws and a pink nose. She named her Snickers and learned to take care of her at a young age. Through her adventures and joy in taking care of her own cats, she fell naturally into taking care of other peoples cats. Trisha has taken care of young to old cats with various personalities and temperaments. She currently lives with a sweet, hilarious, 3 year old, tuxedo cat named Natasha.

Today, Trisha works as a part time cat-sitter and full time as an art lead for a VR gaming company. Her background and education is centered around graphic design and animation production. She is a published author of a self acceptance guidebook for young girls. She loves hiking, reading, painting, writing, yoga and traveling. Her favorite place to hike is Big Sur, California.


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