Tracie E.

by | Sep 27, 2023

Hello, my name is Tracie and I would love to be your cat sitter! I am certified in First Aid/CPR for pets and have 5 years experience
In house/pet sitting. I am hoping to put your mind at ease knowing I will always be kind and patient during my visits.

My background has been in the jewelry industry for the past 20+ years as a Bench jeweler/designer.

Growing up in Connecticut I was surrounded by animals dogs, cats, horses too! I love them all.
I have always been intriqued by cat’s, they can be quite entertaining with their “Circe de Sole” antics or playing hide & seek.
They like things on their own terms, I can respect that. Preferring a sink bowl to a fancy bed or a piece of string vs. the cutest
toy I’ve ever seen! Cat’s seem to intuitively know when to cheer you up by curling up in your lap.


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