Thao P.

By Daniel McPartlan | Nov 10, 2023

Thao P.

Enthusiastic young professional with know how cat knowledge. In other words, I love fluffy friends of the feline variety! It would be such a joy to look after your loved little babies. Nothing brings more joy to my day than petting cats and kitties.

I grew up with a tabby cat name Boba. He likes to play fetch with rolled up plastic bags and roll around in the dirt. Then we got a mini Boba who we named MilkTea and she’s quirky and spazzy and has extra toe beans. I loved coming home to these kitties. They now live with my younger sister and cannot be separated. I currently do not have a pet and misses having a fluffy ball around. I work from home so my friends sometimes would drop their animals off at my house so we can keep each other company.

Outside of my fondness for cat, my hobbies include rock climbing, BJJ, and reading.