Tara H.

by | Sep 13, 2022

I have volunteered for animal outreach for 6 years now helping with cleaning, socializing and adoptions. I’m educated in animal care. I’ve had cats for the last 25 years and also have experience with dogs. I have been an overnight dog sitter and cat sitter many times over the years. I’d love to be considered. I truly believe in spaying/neutering and have helped with TNR. Both my cats are also on insurance plans so familiar with those needs as well and adminstering meds.

I absolutely love animals. Both my cats are rescues so I completely understand when an animal has some fear and am very patient with them and wait for them to act. I volunteer with Animal Outreach which is a shelter that rescues cats/kittens and most are placed in the Petsmart adoption centers for adoption. I volunteer at the Citrus Heights location. We often have cats that come in that need extra love due to being scared, new to a cage, all the noise, etc so I go in extra to give those particular kitties some extra TLC.

I have mangerial and team lead experience in the healthcare field. I have a BA in Psychology. I’ve worked in the medical and in hospitals for 25 years.

I feed a group of 5 cats here in my apartment complex everyday and also help with feeding of other colonies in the area. I love to help people and animals in any way I can. Matching the two even behind the scenes is my ideal. I’ve been helping people behind the scenes by computer system for hospitals. I’ve been for the last 4 years volunteering for Animal Outreach. Matching both would be my ultimate career.


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