Susan D.

by | Apr 9, 2022

Susan has always been a caring, intuitive individual with keen attention to detail and a history of customer service, art and design, teaching, senior care, and early childhood development. Susan totes a unique toolbelt of creativity, integrity and management. Raised a girl scout with a strong moral compass and a solid knowledge of first aid, Susan easily navigated towards societal nurturing roles. She also briefly studied psychology and behavioral studies, thus to this day, she carries an understanding and profound respect for varying personality traits in all walks of life. Susan understands that the little things matter, especially for lifeforms that cherish the sanctity of home and the comfort in routine.

Susan comments, “I love how cats can have such distinctive personalities. This one’s a diva, that one thinks he can fit into any shoe, this one can play fetch all day long, that one will hide and hates loud, sudden noises, this one is like the mayor and must know where you are at all times so he can meow his stories at you– I love all those nuances. A lot of times, you need to earn that recognition as ‘one of the clan,’ and that makes knowing a cat that much more treasured.”

Susan has well over 2 decades of experience with being a cat parent, with a particular soft spot for Siamese (like her first childhood pet) and rescues. Although Susan does not currently have a pet, she nurtures a small home garden and enjoys painting pet portraits.


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