Steve M.

by | Jun 2, 2023

I LOVE CATS!!! I completely understand why the Ancient Egyptians believed that many of the Egyptian gods chose cats as vessels to inhabit! I love it when cats sit upright like they do in the ancient hierogplyhs. They are so majestic sitting like this, and I love hanging out with them while we’re all meditating together. Om Shanti and a Deep Bow.
I’ve been around cats and dogs my whole life, whether working for clients, or helping out friends and family. I love cuddling with cats, and rubbing dog bellies!
I had a cat for 10 years while growing up, and later in life my brother had two cats that I helped take care of for 5 years. For one of my clients, I took care of 2 cats, a huge outdoor garden, and a large indoor plant for 10 days with two drop-ins per day, morning and evening. For another client I took care of 3 cats with one drop in per day. Another client had me take care of 2 cats and house sit for 2 weeks. Yet another client had me take care of 2 cats and house sit for a month.
I’m a part time Cyber Security, Zen & Yoga Student, so I have time to take care of your fur baby, or babies. I typically have morning, mid-day, and evening availability for cat and/or dog drop-ins. I can also do overnights. I’ll be staying at a Yoga Ashram in San Francisco at the start of 2023 where I’ll have some extra duties, and responsibilities. However, my overall flexibility will still be very good. I’ll stay at the Ashram for at least the first half of 2023 while I get my Yoga on!


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