Stephanie S.

by | Sep 13, 2022

Growing up, my family always had at least one cat. One of my earliest memories as a child was of my first cat, a Calico named Bonnie. Currently, I have a 17 year old kitty named Vegas. She was a kitten when I adopted her from a shelter while I lived on the east coast for a few years. I regretted my decision to temporarily leave Las Vegas – hence the name I gave her. She has been my constant companion through thick and thin, including the move all the way across the country to come back home. We’ve been partners for a very long time.

In my free time, I’ll be found at Red Rock or Charleston, or bagging a new peak somewhere out of town. Otherwise, I might be watching a movie or reading a book. I love the adventure, but I also appreciate the simple things. I delight in caring for others’ cats simply because it’s a nice thing to do. I find enjoyment in being their “temporary human” and providing companionship to kitties while their real guardian is away.


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