Sierra F.

By Daniel McPartlan | May 20, 2023

Sierra F.

*Background Checked

*Insured & Bonded

*Clients Served: 13

*Kitties Comforted: 20

My Profile:

Sierra would be delighted to care for your cat! It’s her avenue to quality kitty time, as she currently doesn’t have any of her own due to apartment restrictions. After having grown up with three cats throughout her childhood, going off to college presented the unique challenge of being without the comfort of a furry friend. She misses in particular the sounds of a little companion around the house—of a tinkling collar bell, the deep rumble of a purr, and the insistent meows at mealtime. But it really started for her in kindergarten, when her teacher was an avid SPCA volunteer who would constantly have a new litter of kittens, each with their own personalities and challenges, and Sierra always offered to help out with feedings during recess.

When she’s not looking after some cute animal or another for her friends and family—not only cats!—Sierra is working part-time at a bakery and tutoring soccer players on the side to save up for her master’s degree in psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking elaborate meals and working it off at the gym with weightlifting and pilates; afterwards, her walk around the neighborhood is, of course, planned on a route that passes all of the local cats’ favorite hangouts.