Sherri H.

by | Apr 21, 2021

Sherri, a 6th generation Californian, grew up in Contra Costa County and now lives in Alameda. She has had cats and dogs all her life. Her first cat Barney, who grew up to be a 20lb cat, was found in a ditch near her house. Barney was followed by Freddie after the Flintstones. Today she lives with Felix, who is a socialized Trap Nurture Release Cat. He is a love bug and followers her around the house and sits on her keyboard when she types. She graduated from California College of the Arts, where her final project was a campaign to reduce euthanasia in cats called “Be a Hero for Cats”. She loves taking care of other people’s cats where the biggest reward is a purr of happiness.
Sherri happily serves cities across the East Bay.


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