Sheiley R.

by | Apr 6, 2022

My name is Sheiley Rios and I have been part of The Comforted Kitty company since August 2021! In my experience I have learned so much, ranging from administering vaccinations to cats with medical conditions to simply giving them oral medication(s). Cats I’ve encountered have been overall very friendly and curious; though I’ve had a few that were more cautious and feisty and that’s been just as wonderful! Patience is a strong suit of mine and I always put the comfort of the cat before anything else (hence the company name 😸).

I have always loved animals but only recently got my very own cat at home and I have been able to learn more and more about her body language and how she chooses to communicate with me about her needs 🧡! My wonderful cat (Pantera) and I love to take naps together and play with bird toys she has lying around. We also love to go on walks (she’s either on a leash or in a bubble backpack) and look at ducks and fishes! She likes to smell me after every cat sitting appointment I have and whiff what my cat clients smell like !

My favorite part of the job is observing each cats personality! I love seeing how they approach a stranger in their home and watch them trust me and allow me to be part of their play time, earning their trust is by far the most fun of everything!


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