Shauna H.

By Daniel McPartlan | Apr 9, 2022

Shauna H.

"I love that cats each have such distinct personalities that, when given the opportunity, will always shine bright. From sassy to chill, each one is unique and ultra special."

I have had cats ever since I can remember. Some of my first memories involve cats. The first pet of my own was a cat who lived to 19. She was the epitome of calico and certainly had the attitude that some people equate to calicos and tortoiseshells. It wasn’t until years later that I decided to try fostering orphaned bottle kittens. Once I started doing that I “foster failed” a few times and it seems that whenever I need a new cat in my family one just finds us.

With work, I love the challenging cats. Often it simply takes quiet moments just existing in the same space before eventually the kitty comes around and I’ve made a new friend for life.

In my spare time I love to crochet cat toys and beds and take road trips and, of course, spend time with my dogs and cats.


“Have had the pleasure to work with the comforted kitty 3 times over the last year. Feel fortunate to have had Shauna assigned to my request for each occasion. Shauna is a compassionate caregiver who is more than capable. She is also dependable and trustworthy. I can recommend Shauna to anyone living in the Reno/Sparks area who may be in need of services provided by the comforted kitty.” – Steve P. (Reno)

“We recently moved to a different area of Reno, and needed a new cat sitter. Shauna has become an excellent caregiver for our cat, Jitterbug! Bugs is a shy and secretive kitty who has ventured forth to know Shauna a little bit more each time she visits. I love that Shauna always sends photos of our somewhat-elusive cat! Shauna knows most of Jitterbug’s hiding places are, and does her best to interact with her when she visits, even if it simply means sitting quietly for our cat to come to her. It is nice to know that daily contact and care have been made. We travel a lot, and it is comforting to know that our cat is in great hands!” – Lynne C. (Reno)

“I am so happy with The Comforted Kitty! Shauna did a great job bonding with my cats (one is outgoing and the other is shy). I rely on her to take care of them, play with them clean the litter box, feed them, the whole works. She also brings in my mail and waters plants. I would recommend this service to everyone with cats.” – Linda H. (Reno)

“We moved to Reno over the summer and promptly needed to find a sitter for our two elderly cats. After research, we reached out to The Comforted Kitty. Dan was very prompt in his response, welcomed us to the family and was very thorough about the company and it’s standards. They are new-ish to the Reno area, however quite established in the SF Bay Area and Las Vegas. We were introduced to our sitter, Shauna, shortly thereafter. She came to the house for a meet and greet and we knew immediately she would be great! We could not be happier with Shauna and she is wonderful with our remaining cat, who needs medicine daily. She also recommends items that will help with the comfort of our Tabitha. Shauna is our go to anytime we are out of town and I could not recommend her more.” – Michelle K. (Reno)

“I JUST moved to Reno, and usually had friends or family where I lived before always watch my cats. I accidentally waited until the last minute to book a cat sitter for a 4-day bachelorette trip and was so stoked at how quick and easy the Comforted Kitty was to use. Within several hours of submitting my request, I had scheduled a meet and greet with Shauna for my two kitties. She came over and met them, we went through everything in 20 min. The two best parts of the service, IMO, is that 1) it’s super affordable–especially if your cat(s) just need a little bit of attention and feeding–and 2) the updates are so detailed and made it so I didn’t have anything to worry about, even for my senior citizen kitty. I was surprised that the cat sitters will also water plants, turn fans on, etc., too. We’ll definitely be using this service for our longer honeymoon trip! :)” – Kelsey H. (Reno)

“We are so pleased with The Comforted Kitty service. I wish we had done this sooner since we didn’t realize how comforted we were! Shauna has been so good for Max, our 21 year old boy. He loves new company and made himself and Shauna right at home. She sent texts with pictures and kept us posted on how he was doing. I highly recommend The Comforted Kitty and especially Shauna!” – Cindy L. (Sparks)

“This is the 2nd time we’ve used The Comforted Kitty for our cat sitting needs. Shauna was/is our sitter and she did a very professional and thorough job in tending to our kitties. She updated us each day after feeding our cats, cleaning the litter boxes, filling the water bowls, and bringing in our mail. She also sent us photos of each cat and updated us on who came out and who was hiding. All in all, we feel we are in good hands with Shauna. We highly recommend her and The Comforted Kitty!! Until next time, Thank you!” – Kevin M. (Reno)

“We have been using the The Comforted Kitty’s services for a year. We are so pleased with the service that Shauna provides. Our cats love her! She spends quality time with them, makes sure their food and water is filled, and also waters plants and brings in the garbage cans. She sends detailed updates and we never have to worry when she’s taking care of our “fur babies”. Highly recommend.” – JoAnn T. (Reno)

“Whew. What a relief! I had an urgent need for a cat sitter (long story), and I came across The Comforted Kitty. They were able to set me up and get me ready for my trip in no time. I met with Shauna, she met my cats, and we got everything ready. Shauna sent me photos every day and even charmed my shy cat. I’ll definitely be using Shauna and The Comforted Kitty again!” – Linda H. (Reno)

“I cannot express how grateful I am to have found Shauna and The Comforted Kitty. Shauna is reliable, communicative, and my cat loves her! My cat can be a bit finicky, and Shauna went the extra mile getting to know him and making him feel comfortable. You can tell that she is really invested in her clients and is extremely knowledgeable about cats and their behaviors. With each visit, I get a status report complete with photos and a full description. Knowing that my cat is being well taken care of while I’m gone lets me relax and enjoy my vacation!” – Jordan M. (Reno)

“Shauna was attentive and communicative about her daily visits with my cats, whom she took amazing care of! She sent photos which offered me peace of mind and allowed me to relax and enjoy my trip. She did an amazing job and I will happily use her and the Comforted Kitty next time I travel.” – Tori C. (Reno)

“We were unsure about hiring a stranger to come into our home and take care of our Lucy while we were a few states away. However because both Dan and Shauna were very polite and professional we quickly felt that we made a good decision. Shauna checked in on Lucy everyday and gave us a daily updates. Shauna knew what to watch for if Lucy wasn’t doing well with us being gone. Happily, Lucy did very well and was actually happy to see us when we got home compared to the other time when we had no one to check in on her. We’re already planning on hiring Shauna again for our next vacation.” – Curtis C. (Reno)

“Our Lucy is getting a bit to old to travel so we contacted Comforted Kitty to have someone look in on her while we went on vacation. Dan was quick to reply back to our inquiry and made the sign up process very easy. Shauna was our sitter and from the beginning she was always polite and very professional. Both Dan and Shauna made us feel comfortable with trusting them with our Lucy and our home while we were gone. Shauna kept in touch everyday with updates letting us know how Lucy was doing. Lucy isn’t very social but Shauna did what she could to let Lucy know that she could trust her. When we came home Lucy was a lot calmer than a previous time when we had no sitter. Lucy is happy and our home was just as we left it. We’re already planning on hiring Shauna again for our next vacation in May.” – Curtis C. (Sparks)

“The Comforted Kitty is the perfect option for cat sitting. We love our sitter, Shauna! She sends us very thorough updates and always tells us how much she loves taking care of our kitty. This is a great service that I absolutely recommend!” – Nicole E. (Reno)

“I can’t say enough about what a positive experience we had with Comforted Kitty. Shauna was our kitty sitter here in Reno. Usually the only thing stressful about vacation is leaving our fur babies behind. We met with Shauna the week before. She asked about their likes and dislikes, where they hide, and many more questions I would never think to ask. She put our minds at ease by checking in everyday. Shauna included daily pics of our kitties as well as a check list… food, water, liter, etc.. A day after we left, we realized that the thermostat had not been adjusted. Shauna reset it per our request. And even gave our plants a splash of water when needed. I can’t speak for the other sitters, but Shauna is amazing & I totally trust her! The business itself did an excellent job too. They got back to me shortly after the request. Then then did a thorough intake. Including an emergency contact person & what to do if the cats get hurt. Where to take them, how much to spend. Thanks to Shauna @ Comforted kitty, we can rest easy while away from home.” – Marianne V. (Reno)

“We are big big fans of the Comforted Kitty and will definitely use their service again! We used The Comforted Kitty to check in our cats while we were away for a week on a family vacation. Shauna was our sitter, and we could not have been happier with her care for our two kittens, and with the service as a whole. Signing up was very easy using the online platform. All of the pricing was very reasonable (much more affordable than the pet “hotels” we looked at)and transparent from the start. We were able to share lots of information about our kittens as part of signing up. And a few days before we left, Shauna visited us to get to know the kittens and the space, and ask any important questions. We were nervous leaving them alone for a whole week, but every day Shauna sent us lots of pictures and detailed descriptions on how they were doing. She checked their food and water, cleaned out the litter box, and played with them. We could tell from the pictures they were having so much fun! She lured our shy kitten out from hiding where he usually stays to the point where he would greet her when she showed up. It was clear she formed a bond with them in a very short period of time and treated them with a great deal of love and care. We will certainly be using the Comforted Kitty the next time we have to leave town, and hope Shauna can stay with our cats again. It takes a lot to trust someone into your home and with your family pets while you are away, and this team has earned our trust.” – Andrew M. (Reno)

“I recently began traveling for work fairly frequently and needed to find someone to trust to take care of my sweet Maizy, who is nearing 14 years old. I decided to try the Comforted Kitty in Reno and was connected with Shauna. It was a pleasure to meet her and I’m thrilled with her care of Maizy, as they have become fast friends. The app is easy to use, once setup. Shauna has been kind enough to water some plants and bring in trash cans as well. It is wonderful to receive the pictures and her updates about her visits with Maizy which gives me peace of mind while I’m away. Thank you Comforted Kitty and Shauna!” – Lori S. (Reno)

“We love the Comforted Kitty! Shauna is our assigned sitter, and we looooove her! She is very kind and patient with our shy rescue kitty, Chibi. Shauna has actually been able to get Chibi to come out of her hiding spot, which she doesn’t often do for visitors. Not only is Shauna great with Chibi, but she sends very detailed updates on how Chibi is doing every day of her sitting. She includes updates on whether she’s eaten her food, when the water bowl is refilled, when the litter box is cleaned, and includes adorable photos of Chibi! I also really appreciated that she was able to have a virtual meet and greet with me and chibi before her first sitting. We will always use the Comforted Kitty when we go out of town 🙂 Thanks Shauna!” – Kay K. (Reno)

“Our 5 cats are all seniors (12 yrs – 15yrs) so I was a bit nervous about leaving them. Our little Ella needs insulin shots and it was scary to think someone we didn’t know was going to give those shots to her. Well, Shauna was simply wonderful! At the Meet & Greet, she gave Ella her shot with no problem. You can tell she is an animal lover and experienced in her job. Each visit Shauna sent us photos and updates on how everyone was doing. That put our minds at ease. This was our first time using The Comforted Kitty service and will certainly request Shauna for our future getaways. Thank you Shauna and Dan for providing quality cat sitting for our “kids”.” – Barb S. (Reno)

“Excellent experience with Shauna from The Comforted Kitty! I am relieved to have found a reliable cat sitter that speaks cat and cares about my cat’s comfort and well-being. I have a challenging cat that tends to be timid or even territorial when it comes to newcomers, so finding a cat sitter that is able to calmly manage her to ensure her needs are met is a huge win!” – Sarah M. (Reno)