Sharmila D.

by | Jul 25, 2022

Howdy! My name is Sharmila and I’ve been a cat lady for as long as anyone can remember. (Literally – my mom just sent me a picture of me at 4 holding a black kitten!). I’ve been a cat mom for over 20 years to many precious souls, and currently have 2 indoor Bengal mixes (Ellie & Esmie) and an outdoor tuxedo feral (Mouthy). My cat-sitting experience started in my early teens when I realized I’d rather take care of neighbors’ cats than their kids. My adult experience (in addition to more cat-sitting), includes volunteering, socializing and fostering with The Amanda Foundation & Pet Orphans of Southern California. In the past year, I’ve been getting my kitten fix by helping friends socialize and feed bottle babies from various shelters in the Los Angeles area. I pride myself on being the go-to for cat questions and issues among family and friends for years. That, and for my amazing Maldon sea salt chocolate chip M&M cookies!
I know how important it is to feel that your little ones are going to be taken care of properly when you have to leave them. I look forward to helping them feel cared for, loved and safe while you are away, so that they are that much happier when you come back home.


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