Scott G.

by | Aug 5, 2023

I am 28 years old and have owned cats most of my life. My current two cats are Thom and Jerry who require lots of attention and love. I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life and am quite familiar with the area. I attended Diablo Valley Community College and SAE Expression College where I obtained a Bachelor in Applied Science in Animation and Visual Effects. My hobbies are gardening, drawing, hanging out with friends, taking care of the local wildlife, and playing with my cats. My grandmother was a member of a group that takes care of stray cats, and I spent my early life helping her feed and care for all the cats in my neighborhood. Since I live in a small forested area away from the city, there are tons of wildlife in my area. I take care of a murder of crows, who I have found love cat food, a barnyard cat named Sam who terrorizes said murder of crows, a family of polecats that hide under the outside office, a clan of racoons that keep trying to get into my house where I keep the cat food, 2 possums, a flock of turkeys that chase my car, and a bee hive that moved into my backyard tree last year.
I have a good deal of experience taking care of my neighbor’s cats whenever one of the families goes on vacation. One of my favorite cats that I have taken care of is the neighborhood barnyard cat, Sam. Whenever I am feeding the birds or working in my garden he is there to help me. He is a sponge that never has enough attention and he will walk in front of you and throw himself down at your feet. When I leave the house I will often find him sleeping in front of the door and when he wants food or attention, he will stand on a chair in front of my window and look into the house. This sends my territorial cat, Jerry, into a yowling fit. He is one of the most friendly cats that I have ever known and I am happy that he visits me every day. I have never met a cat that I did not like, and I’m sure that I will become great friends with your cat as well.


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