Saturday G.

By Daniel McPartlan | Oct 16, 2023

Saturday G.

"I love that cats are both cantankerous and adorable. They are our tiny, furry, grumpy overlords and Saturday serves them happily."

*Background Checked

*Insured & Bonded

*Clients Served: 8

*Kitties Comforted: 14

My Profile:

Saturday Grace has been an avid cat-lover all their life. They currently live with mostly senior cats and have lots of experience with subcutaneous fluids, medication, and general senior cuddling. But fear not! Saturday has also fostered many kittens, including those abandoned by their mamas and in need of bottle feeding. Saturday is an all ages cat-carer.

When they are not entirely absorbed by cat-cuddles, Saturday can be found trying to read around a cat, gardening with the “help” of cats, or rescuing their knitting from a cat.


“Saturday from Comforted kitty took care of my kitten while I was traveling on business to Boston for 3 days. She was helpful, flexible and sent me updates about my kitten every time after the visit. Highly recommended!” – Ruoqi G. (San Mateo)

“Used the Comforted Kitty for the first time recently and was extremely happy with the the entire experience. The ease of communication, clear expectations, prompt responses really made the entire process so smooth. Best of all our 3 cats were very happy when we came home. Saturday did a wonderful updating us everyday and looking after our three “boys”. Would definitely use again.” – Margaret P. (Hillsborough)

“In December 2022, we used Comforted Kitty services for the second time and it was a great experience overall. Our sitter, Saturday, took pretty good care of our cats. She sent us a detailed summary and pictures of our cats every day. Additionally, she was super responsive, she would answer our messages within 30 minutes top. On the last day, Saturday made sure our cats had extra food and water since there was a possibility of outages and flight delays due bad weather. We’ll totally continue using Comforted Kitty services for our future trips.” – Maria A. (San Francisco)

“Saturday took great care of our cats, immediately responding to all our questions. We received pictures and reports from each visit, and our cats who are very shy of strangers warmed up to Saturday and were relaxed and happy. The Comforted Kitty has a very helpful electronic system of communication, everything is very easy after you sign up.” -Natalia L. (San Mateo)