Sam B.

By Daniel McPartlan | Apr 24, 2022

Sam B.

"Give a dog a bone, or a half eaten hot dog for that matter, and he'll love you for a lifetime! Cats are far more cautious and selective, but when you finally win their affection it's such a satisfying experience! It's a special bond I really enjoy!"

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*Clients Served: 11

*Kitties Comforted: 15

My Profile:

As a child, growing up in England, I accumulated lots of furry critters, guinea-pigs, rabbits, mice and gerbils just to name a few. My Mum was remarkably tolerant of my petting zoo, even after the gerbils nested in her laundry basket and shredded her freshly ironed clothes!
In 1985 I moved to the U.S and later began watching other peoples’ pets instead. I met cats of all shapes, sizes and temperaments ranging in age from kittens to 21 year old seniors. Six years ago, I adopted two cats of my own, both rescues: Rosebud, a feral kitten and Miss Mew Mew a diabetic senior cat. They won my heart but I had to earn their trust.

“Hello – I just want to say I really appreciated your professionalism, flexibility and caring and beautiful cat-sitter, Sam that you sent me. Again, thank you so much! -Margie (Kekoa & Ku’uipo’s mommy)!” -Margie E. (Irvine)

“Hi Dan I’ve been talking with Sam and she did a FABULOUS job taking care of my lovebugs. She is THE BEST and will be my go-to person from now on. You did a GREAT job hiring her! She is AMAZING and so good about making me feel at ease about my kitties (especially since I’m so far away and my baby boy is over 18 years old)! You have a FABULOUS person working for you ๐Ÿ˜Š Thank you!!” -Margie E. (Irvine)