Robin R.

by | Sep 25, 2022

Robin Rask moved here from California in 2018 as she retired from County schools as a Job Developer / Employment Coach. She is an author of five books and is a volunteer writer for her Solera Community where she swims during the summer.
Robin has always loved and owned cats including dogs. Her real passion is with kittens and cats; however, she walks her neighbors dog Reilly in the spring and fall and takes care of him when she leaves town. Her cat Diva was found at a gas station in Barstow and she adopted her through Pet Smart. Diva loves her but is afraid of all other people and runs anytime they come around, including the doorbell. Taking care of Diva requires a great deal of patience and love which Diva seems to appreciate and trust. Cats are like horses; they know if you like them and if you can be trusted. Robin is highly organized, reliable and has integrity. You can trust she will take care of your furry ones and your home with peace of mind.


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