Robin R.

by | Sep 25, 2022

I moved here from California in 2018 and retired from County schools as a Job Developer / Employment Coach. I am an author of five books and a volunteer writer for my Solera Community where I swim during the summer. Don’t be surprised if I leave you a newsletter.
I have always loved and owned cats including dogs. My real passion is with kittens and cats; however, I walk my neighbor’s dog Reilly in the spring and fall and take care of him when the owner leaves town. And sometimes watch cats in my community. What I like most about cats is that they all have their own unique personalities along with their independence. They are great comfort and stress relievers. My cat Diva was found at a gas station in Barstow and I adopted her through Pet Smart, took me three days to decide on who was the right one for me. Diva loves me but is afraid of all other people and runs anytime they come around, including the doorbell, which is sometimes on TV. Taking care of Diva requires a great deal of patience and love which Diva seems to appreciate and trust. It has been very difficult to take a selfie with her as she does not like to be picked up. But loves to sleep with me in bed and on my tummy when I lay on the couch. When I sit on the couch, she comes up and sits next to me. She has lots of ear itching and throws up weekly so she is high maintenance. However, she is very spoiled! God chose her for me because it takes special people to take care of special kitties.
Cats are like horses; they know if you like them and if you can be trusted. Some of your kids may be special too or afraid of strangers, rest assure; I do not give up easy. I will do what I can to get them to trust me. I feel like Doctor Do Little, I talk to animals like people. I believe it is important for them to get used to my voice when I come to your home. It is amazing what cats hear and understand. Every time I tell my cat, it’s a great sunning day and she should go to the kitchen window and sun; it only takes a few minutes and she is there! So Amazing! Often, she understands more than my adult son.
I consider myself to be highly organized and reliable. You can trust I will take care of your furry ones and your home with peace of mind. I know it can be weird to have strangers in your home, but I do what I would expect if I had someone come to my home and with the Comforted Kitty, You Are in The Best Care! Thank you
for your trust in us!


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