Reem S.

by | Aug 5, 2022

Reem’s extensive list of gifts include acrobatics & body contortion, Retreat Chef, Logistics Coordinator & Conscious Alternative Radio Show Host. However caring for cats allows Reem’s heart for service to shine & allows her to help others in many ways.

Reem’s love for cats began at an early age. She was home sick from school & wanted to snuggle her cat Olive.
When she went to the backyard she did notice a cat however it wasn’t Olive. Olive was out adventuring & no where to be found. Reem began feeding the stray & over time trust was built and the stray started spending more time inside then outside.

Reem has had a cat in her life ever since.


“We arrived home on Monday eve to some very happy kitties!! Big thanks again for taking such wonderful care of them!!” -Meghan L. (Oakland)


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