Polina B.

By Daniel McPartlan | Feb 19, 2024

Polina B.

"I love how personal cats are, and how each personality develops the longer you know the cat. I’ve always admired how forward they can be, leaving no guessing as to what they’re communicating. They’re also simply the best."

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My Profile:

Hi! My name is Polina. I’ve been a cat lover my whole life and have always found them to be the most fascinating pet. Growing up, I had my own kitties and was always surrounded by family members and friends who had them too. I would watch my aunts’ cats and dogs for days at a time and would make sure they were fed and had clean litter. I got to spend my last few weeks in my hometown cat sitting my piano professors cats, Jeffrey and Sally Anne. They have such differing personalities, and it was the best experience before moving off to Arizona. I currently love on my friends cats as I go through my busy schooling completing my masters degree at ASU. I am studying collaborative piano, so I love playing piano and exploring different music genres and experiences around town. I also love thrifting, and have very quickly started a collection of cat trinkets.

925-494-0485 info@comfortedkitty.com