Phoebe N.

by | Jul 25, 2022

My name is Phoebe and I’m 28 years old and have grown up in Sacramento most of my whole life. I’ve always been a huge animal lover but have always had a huge fascination and adoration for cats since I was a young girl. I would befriend all my neighbors cats or any kitty that would come across my path. I was so thrilled when my adoptive parents got me my first two tabby mix sisters as a kid and they were both my best friends growing up in grade school. I attended college down in Southern California and when I graduated and came back to Sacramento in 2016, I adopted my current two male Bengal mix kitties: Simba and Flynn. They are both the loves of my life and bring me so much enjoyment and companionship everyday. Along with my two male Bengal mix kitty sidekicks, I am the proud owner of a beautiful male Shiba Inu named: Daigan who I imported from Russia a few years ago. I’ve also owned large dogs such as golden retrievers: My favorite boy named: Shaggy (who passed away 4 years ago) filled my life with unconditional love and happiness throughout my childhood. I also have a huge love for birds and currently own 2 small parrots: (Female Green Cheek Conure named: Luna, whose such a clown haha and a grey cockatiel named: Pigeon, who got his name due to his similar color and features of a real pigeon). As a young girl I’ve owned parakeets, cockatiels and a few chickens and Roosters. As I was attending college and came back home to Sacramento during the holiday breaks, I would pet sit and house sit for my neighbors numerous cats and dogs and really enjoyed it! When I graduated from college and came back to Sacramento I posted an ad for my pet sitting services on the Nextdoor app in my neighborhood and had the pleasure of taking care of many families houses and their pets while they were away on vacation.
My favorite animals I got to care for were a young family who had a beautiful Australian Shepherd named: Fig and his family also owned a mini farm in their backyard which consisted of quail, chickens, and Muscovy ducks. Being a huge animal lover myself, I really enjoyed taking care of all the mini farm animal birds, their dog Fig, and especially the Muscovy ducks! My favorite feathered friend in the gang ended up being a big black and white male Muscovy duck named: Georgie, who was the funniest and most feistiest duck with the best personality I’ve ever met in regards to ducks! Haha lol.
My favorite hobbies are taking my Shiba Inu: Daigan to the river and walking him out in nature and hitting up the trails. Getting out on hikes in nature near the river was always a favorite pastime I did with my beloved childhood golden retriever named: Shaggy who passed away. I do still love to go out and hike at the river when I can. I’ve also enjoyed singing as a huge passion of mine as a little girl and would perform at open mic nights as I got older and eventually got the courage to sing at school talent shows and then at my senior goodbye rally in high school in front of the whole school full of students and teachers. I eventually created my own YouTube Channel to cover pop songs on and sang my heart out back in my middle school and high school days only using a little picture/video camera. I was just a young girl with her video camera, tripod and lab-top back in my high school days covering pop songs on my little camera. I would dash home from school everyday and set up everything I needed outside in my front/backyard of my house. I haven’t gotten back into that hobby for sometime but I hope to get back into singing as I really enjoy expressing myself through music and singing in my free time. I also enjoy watching animal videos on YouTube with cats, dogs, parrots and other small animals but I also enjoy watching bigger animals such as lions, tigers, and cheetah documentaries. My favorite old pastimes to watch though are America’s Funniest Home Videos which includes families and their silly cats and dogs.


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