Natalia A.

By Daniel McPartlan | Mar 7, 2023

Natalia A.

"I love that cats can be independent, curious and sassy, while being the most adorable, loving creatures. Having a cat on my lap is my happy place, specially if they are purring."

Hello! My name is Natalia and I am excited to be your next cat sitter. While I didn’t have the luck to grow up with cats, my love for them started at 18 years old. I was living on my own for the first time, and decided to take in a kitten and adventure buddy, Morel. He taught me about independence and boundaries, high cleanliness standards, zoomies and purrings. I’ve been a cat lover since and taking care of cats for friends and family always brings me joy.
In addition to being a cat person, I am also a documentary filmmaker. I’ve lived in and traveled multiple countries, enjoy learning languages (I speak Spanish, French, English and currently learning Portuguese), love taking neighborhood cat tours, and spending time in nature. Originally from Colombia, I’ve called California home since 2015.


“Excellent service. My sitter was Natalia, who my cat absolutely loved. She took very good care of him for a 3 week stretch, and communicated frequently with valuable updates.” – Eric V. (San Francisco)

“Thanks so much Natalia!! They were very happy to see me, and of course extremely well cared for in my absence! Thanks for taking such good care of them and sending really comprehensive updates and photos. It’s really peace of mind while I’m away!” -Joe S. (San Francisco)