Moira T.

By Daniel McPartlan | Mar 7, 2023

Moira T.

"Cats are magnificent animals. I love how they can have multiple fluffy, comfy cat beds, and yet choose to sleep curled up in a plant."

Hello Cat Parents:

My name is Moira and I adore kitties of all kinds. So much so, that I occasionally embarrass my husband with my cat purse, hats, hoodies, etc. Who doesn’t love a Cat Mom Beanie?
I have had the pleasure of taking care of friends and family cats, feeding them, playing and loving them (if the kitties allow me to).
For the past 14 years I have been a business owner and recently sold it, so I could follow my heart and dedicate my life to the care of animals (kitties being my favs). Because I have four of my own cat babies, I understand the importance of being dedicated, nurturing, responsible, loving and honest. I know our kitties are our home’s royalty and allow us to serve them.
In volunteering, I have helped with trapping cats (11) behind my commercial kitchen so I could have them fixed and returned to their “home.” Two of the colony I caught, I brought home where they now live (with my two other kitties). Three others were also able to be socialized and found forever homes.
I am currently attending online classes to become a veterinary assistant primarily for the knowledge, as I would love to eventually have a cat rescue.
I cannot think of a more joyful career than taking care of animals and working with The Comforted Kitty and their cat-loving clients.