Moira D.

by | Jul 25, 2022

Hi! I’m Moira, and I’ve been working professionally with cats for close to three years! I love trying to get interesting photos of them, and sometimes it’s easier than other times. I have taken photos under the bed, in the closet, under the couch, and on the kitchen counter, for instance. I know how to take time with a cat and make sure that I can gain trust by keeping a safe distance until the cat approaches me. Sometimes it takes a couple of days, sometimes a week, sometimes longer. Patience is key!! Also, I have the commitment to keeping a cat’s environment very clean, including the feeding bowls, water, and litter box. I have experience in working with different types of cat feeders and litter collectors as well. I grew up with dogs, so I’m familiar with them as well.

My hobbies include painting, poetry, playing guitar (I have a band), gardening and video. I have had different cats as family over the years, including a cat who had her first litter in my bed with my husband! I have a lot of experience with kittens and older cats. Right now I have two black kittens, brother and sister, at home. What a joy!


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