Mindy L.

by | Apr 24, 2022

I have always had a cat throughout my life. All have been rescues or strays and each one has their own wonderful story and a huge impact on the shaping of my love for and dedication to animals. I currently have a beautiful little calico kitty named Annie who is probably the most spoiled little girl you have ever met. (As she should be!) I “catified” my studio apartment in San Francisco when I first rescued her as a tiny little <2lb girl and she can literally go up and down towers, around the ceiling on a carpeted trail, through tunnels and up and down staircases on the walls. It’s quite entertaining when she gets the zoomies!

I truly believe that animals deserve all the best love and care and I bring all of this to you when I sit for your fur baby. I know how hard it is to leave them when we have to, and I treat yours as I would want my little Annie to be treated. Daily check-ins with pictures and videos are a given and I follow mom & dad’s instructions to the letter. I also try to see them at the same time each day, as I know how important routine is for our babies. I have been working with The Comforted Kitty since last year and I have met so many wonderful people and fantastic cats, and I feel very fortunate to be able to provide some peace of mind for you. I have even helped some (per owner’s request) with behavior issues and have taught others tricks like “sit”, “paw” and “say please” I have honestly fallen in love with each one and treat them as if they were my own. I go at their pace and respect their boundaries and have yet to meet a kitty that wasn’t a friend within the first visit.


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