Mickey W.

by | Sep 27, 2023

I have always liked animals, especially cats. My greatest accomplishment as a child was to talk my parents into letting me get a kitten. I read about how to take care of them and promised I would, which I did. I loved that cat, and he became part of our family.

I was a social worker for many years and pet sat for coworkers, taking care of their cats and dogs.

I’ve had many cats throughout my life, including two who lived with me for almost two decades each. PJ was my BCF. She lived at a residential facility where I was working, and gave birth to three kittens in my coworker’s office. They came to live with me, and I kept her and found other homes for the kittens. We had many adventures throughout the 17 years that we had together. Beverly was the other cat who I had for many years. I adopted her when she was a tiny kitten and was home with her when she died 18 years later.
I have two little dogs now, and we go on lots of walks together.

I would be honored to spend time with your cat or cats and I can be counted on to do whatever needs to be done while you are away from home.


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