Mary B.

By Daniel McPartlan | Sep 27, 2023

Mary B.

I’m a big fan of cats! They are the most exquisite, elegant creatures! They were constant companions during my childhood growing-up in the Bay Area. My family and I adopted them from the local shelter or rescued them from the neighborhood. The first one I remember is Tickle, a beautiful, long-haired, gray tabby that my sister found as a kitten at a local park. As a teen, I literally became a cat mama when I bottle fed and raised a sweet, tuxedo kitten that was abandoned by her mother. I named her Chaps and she became a beloved member of our family for 20 years.

I moved to New York City after graduating from college to continue studying acting and dance. I cat sat as I pursued my creative endeavors. I also adopted three kitties that I adored. One was a beautiful, large, black cat named Shorty. He was geriatric and the sweetest boy ever. I showered him with lots of love in his final years. I gained experience administering subcutaneous fluids as part of his care routine. Eventually, I moved to L.A. where I continued my cat sitting adventures. I adopted my two current fur babies, CoCo and Colby, from a rescue organization. They are sister and brother and the apples of my eye!

I moved back to the Bay Area recently to be close to my family. I’m happy to bring my experience and passion to The Comforted Kitty team. It’s a privilege to spend time with each individual cat and develop a special bond. Whether you have a shy kitty who takes time to come out of their shell, an energetic kitten with impressive acrobatic skills, a senior cat who needs special care or a very social baby, it’s a great pleasure to provide extra-loving care and personalized attention.


“Thanks so much for the time, attention, and all the love you’ve shown our baby! We’re so excited to see her tomorrow and our trip could not be possible without all that you’ve done. 😻🤗 We can’t thank you enough for the love, time, and effort you showed our little princess! ❤️🥰😻 Our trip was only possible because of your help and watchful care. That was so thoughtful and unexpected that you swept up and tidied up. What a treat to come home to a clean home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We would not hesitate to ask you to watch Isabela on any upcoming trips, and hope you can forge a growing bond each time. Thank you so much!!!” -Matthew S. (San Bruno)

“We had an amazing experience with Comforted Kitty! Mary, our sitter, was responsive, detail-oriented, thoughtful, and went the extra mile x 10! We couldn’t have been more delighted and impressed with the service we were provided. We got daily photos and reports. She was unafraid to ask questions about our kitty or our house. And she went above and beyond to make sure our nervous little princess was comfortable during our absence. We are not going to hesitate to use them again when the need arises. Thanks Mary and TCK!” – Matthew S. (Belmont)

“Mary has been caring for my cat and fish many times this year. She is wonderful and caring. I get pictures and an update daily. She also waters the plants and brings in the mail and sorts it! I am very happy with the Comforted Kitty.” – Linda D. (San Mateo)

“The Comforted Kitty is excellent cat care. Mary is wonderful. She has been caring for my cat and fish over the past 7 months. I get pictures daily with an update. I highly recommend this pet sitting service.” – Linda D. (San Mateo)

“I would highly recommend the Comforted Kitty and Mary. It’s hard to not worry about our sweet kitties when we are gone but the Comforted Kitty makes it easy to have peace of mind. It’s easy to book online and Mary, my wonderful catsitter, is a cat whisper and patient angel. She has such a gentle and sweet nature that my very shy cat that always hides actually comes out to see her! She also has the utmost patience with my very senior cat and coaxes her to eat as well as monitors her condition. She sends you pictures and daily updates so you know how your kitties are doing. I highly recommend Mary for your kitties. Dan, the owner is very responsive and supportive and runs a great and caring company.” – Evelyn L. (San Francisco)

“Mary was my cat sitter and she did a fantastic job. She came by for the meet and greet and got to know the cats, what some of my concerns were, and what to expect. I was originally a little anxious to be gone out of town for a week, but after meeting Mary, I knew my cats were in good hands. She had a lot of knowledge about cat care, behaviors, and things to look for. I could also tell she just really loved cats. Exactly the type of person I’d want to leave my cats with 🙂 She sent me pictures of my cats every day along with a detail report of how they were acting and what they did. I really enjoyed that and it eased my mind to have someone take the job seriously. It costs a little more than having a friend or someone you know sit, but if you’re like me and want that extra level of love and care for your cats, give The Comforted Kitty a try :)” – Micah K. (Burlingame)

“I read your texts over and over again. They are so comforting during these long trips. Thank you for being so loving with my kitties. I appreciate you so much.” -Evelyn L. (Burlingame)