Marilee M.

by | Aug 5, 2023

Hello, my name is Marilee. I have rescued stray street kittens, fostered cats, raised bottle-baby litters, socialized shelter cats, adopted medically fragile elderly cats whose owners have died, raised money for cat spay/neuter programs, and staffed feral cat clinics. Each cat who has touched my life has amazed me. I admire how cats fit into our world on their own terms. Cats don’t speak our language yet manage to communicate quite clearly if you watch closely. They ask only for our respect for them as individuals, and well, maybe, some kibble. I am fortunate now to be professionally retired from 20-plus years as an emergency/critical care credentialed veterinary technician and have even more time available to spend in the company of cats. My Best-Orange-Cat-in-the-World, Sparky, would prefer that I meet any new kitties outside his home and I have to respect his wishes. Working with The Comforted Kitty gives me an opportunity to meet those new cats. I would be honored to meet yours and give them the care and respect that they deserve.


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