Mariann H.

by | Mar 5, 2023

I’m Mariann and I’m a certified cat lover! I share my home with two sweet domestic shorthairs, Baba and Bastet. Baba is my one and a half year old tabby cat who loves to chase the light and bird watch in the window. Bastet is my five month black kitty who loves to hang out in the neck of my hoodie and see things from a bird’s eye view! I have lived with cats my entire life. Growing up, our home always had at least two cats, and as an adult, I was never without at least one cat in the house, sometimes several more! I care for my daughter’s four cats whenever she travels, and I care for my close friend’s cat often, as well. Additionally, I have experience caring for kitties with medical needs.

In my spare time, when not playing with my kitties, I love to craft. My current craft of choice is diamond painting, and I will be focusing on macrame next. The kitties sure love getting into my craft kits, and I have a feeling they’ll enjoy the macrame yarn even more!


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