Maria H.

by | May 17, 2022

My name is Maria Del Angel and kitties are my life. A black beauty with the sweetest meow came trotting over to me outside my apartment when I was 8. I fed her a trail of smoked turkey scraps until she gained the confidence to be petted and made my apartment her new home. I named her Mother Pearl and I’ve been a cat mama ever since.
My best friend was a little tabby I named Sunshine, one of Mother Pearl’s kittens. Sunshine lived to be nearly eighteen and shared with me many moments that shaped my life. Today she lives in Tierra, my baby tortoise-shelled riot of a girl, who reminds me so much of Sunshine as she curls up on my lap and purrs vividly.
Mother Pearl has also returned to me in the form of another black feline goddess, who used to roam the streets without food, suffering from untreated injuries. From the moment I scooped her up from the sidewalk and brought her to safety, I knew she was mine, and named her Cielo, which is Spanish for sky. Cielo is currently the queen of our house, a sassy Bastet on Earth whom I worship by giving her rubs, treats and reciting nonsensical poems as odes to her silky, plump charms.I have met many colorful and wonderful kitties while cat sitting for my friends and family and volunteering at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley
I believe that cat parents deserve peace of mind knowing their cats are being cared for by someone who strives to make their kitties feel safe, nurtured and comfortable when mom and dad are away. Cats are not only exceptional companions, they are our children and God’s gift.
Along with being a cat lover, I’m an artist, writer and runner who is addicted to peanut butter and sprinting (human zoomies)! My two favorite kitty themed mottoes are:
Black cats are the best luck. And: Let’s save the planet, it has cats in it!

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“We had a wonderful experience with The Comforted Kitty. Maria is the best! She took care of our kitties twice a day for 12 days. She is reliable, thorough, responsive, professional, and really, really nice! She updated us twice daily with pictures and details about how our cats were doing which gave us great peace of mind. We will definitely have Maria watch our cats again if/when the need arises. 10 out of 10!” – SJ L. (San Jose)

“I am 100% satisfied with The Comforted Kitty. Our cat sitter, Maria, was kind, professional, and flexible. Our cat is very shy and I was worried that she would hide under the bed the whole two weeks we were gone. Maria worked her magic and our cat was very happy. Maria sent videos and pictures every day so we didn’t have to worry about our cat. Maria went above and beyond to make sure our cat was happy. We were able to enjoy our trip to Europe without concern. Thank you, Maria!” – Katie N. (San Jose)

“We love having Maria take care of our 3 kitties whenever we go away. She sends us daily updates with sweet messages and many photos. It’s so wonderful to know our kitties are so well cared for while we’re away. Maria’s the best! 💕” – Lucy M. (San Jose)

“Out cat, Scarlett, is usually looked after by friends when we are out of town. However, most have moved away and those who are local are busy with newborn babies of their own and we don’t want to burden them. It’s also been a busy year and we really haven’t left Scarlett in awhile so I was a bit anxious going out of town until we met Maria. Maria is amazing! She was very communicative, professional, and I can tell has a great love for cats. She sent us pictures and videos while we were away. Scarlett can be standoffish to strangers but she really took to Maria from the meet and greet. Maria made everything effortless and I would love to have her cat sit for us in the future.” – Lucy C. (San Jose)

“I meant to write this back in September. Anyway, I left my large Siamese with a couple different sitters and the match had never been quite right. I found the Comforted Kitty online and was impressed with the requirements of both pet guardians and sitters, as well as their thorough intake notes on my pet. Maria was wonderful during my three-day absence. She kept Felix busy, worked with his schedule, and I came home to a very happy, well-adjusted cat.” – Karen G. (San Jose)

“Maria was taking care of my 3 cats during the Thanksgiving holidays. This is the 2nd time I used the service this year. She went to my home at the specific time daily and performed the duty nicely. My timid feline girl Esme usually hides for a few hours when someone is visiting my home. But I was glad to see her came out and interacted with Maria on the first night! I think Maria formed a good bonding with them a few months ago when I first used the service. So this time Esme did not treat her as a stranger any more. From the video Maria took during the visit, I know I have a good sitter I can count on.” – Ben C. (San Jose)

“We’ve been using The Comforted Kitty for almost a year now for several trips both short and long. It has been such a great service, and a huge a relief to us as we’ve traveled. Our kitty has several health conditions and anxiety, our sitter Maria has been so incredibly kind and generous. Maria went out of her way to make sure our cat got every medication and cleaned a very messy litter box. She gives us very detailed updates and photos, and it has been so easy to communicate with her while we’re gone. The website has also been super easy to use. I would recommend this service to anyone, we’re so grateful for Maria and The Comforted Kitty!” – Lindsey T. (San Jose)

“It’s easy to book services on the app. Maria, the kitty sitter, does a great job with my playful Siamese hunk, Felix. She plays with him, keeps the litter box immaculate, and keeps me up to date via texts and photos. Felix really likes her, and I am very assured that my cat is well-cared for when I need to be away.” – Karen G. (San Jose)

“Our cat sitter moved out of state and we stumbled upon The Comforted Kitty for our two tabbies, we are very satisfied with our new cat sitter! They have a nice app where you can leave details on everything about your cat: food preferences, medical conditions, behavior, etc. The sitters leave a detailed report with pictures and videos after every sitting session which we appreciated a lot. Maria was our cat sitter and we’ll gladly have her take care of the kitties again for our next travel. She managed to bond even with our super shy little guy. Thanks Comforted Kitty!” – Lale S. (San Jose)

“I had to travel for 4 days and 3 nights and leave my little tuxedo cat, Oliver, alone for the first time. I found the Comforted Kitty through google and loved how quickly they responded. I had never used a petsitter that wasn’t a friend or family member, but Maria completely reassured me when we had our welcome visit. She was so kind and got down on the floor to immediately say hello to Oliver. Once I left, Maria would send daily updates with both pictures and video, I would constantly show to my family which annoyed them I’m sure. She would leave detailed messages of what she did, cuddling and playing with specific toys. She even showed me his clean cat food dish and full water bowl. On another day she brought him new toys to play with, which he loved. I could tell she did her best to make sure he got enough activity, stimulation and cuddles for the times she was there. After I got back, Oliver welcomed me home, but I’m sure he missed his new cat sitter Maria.” – Leanne M. (Milpitas)

“Maria took care of our two cats for a week. She communicated with us each day with photos of our fur babies. It was nice to take a trip and not worry about who was taking care of our kitties. I would highly recommend Maria and The Comforted Kitty.” – Stacy S. (San Jose)

“We are so glad that we had Maria & The Comforted Kitty watching our cats while we travelled for the holidays! Maria did an excellent job making sure our 2 cats had everything they needed, and kept us well informed throughout with lots of pictures and updates. She was always on the lookout for potential signs of stress/issues, which we appreciated. Maria was on top of everything! Communication leading up to the sitting and afterwards was super easy – Maria was super accommodating in finding a time to pick-up/drop-off keys to her. In the past we’ve boarded the cats when traveling, but that’s so much work (and more expensive!)… this was much better. We would love to have Maria back to watch our cats again the next time we’re traveling.” – Andrew K. (San Jose)

“Maria was awesome with Budgie! Budgie does not warm up to people very well. She is very skittish. But Maria was able to connect with her quickly and made the experience pleasurable for her. This made me feel better too! I would highly recommend Maria and she is now my go to for Budgie’s care while I am gone.” – Tl F. (San Jose)

“We are thrilled with the services provided by the comforted kitty. We could not be happier with the clear communication through their app, which is an easy way to pay invoices, make requests, update info, and text with your personal pet sitter. Our kitty sitter is Maria, and she is fabulous. I think this is the 4th time we will be requesting Maria. She follows our kitty’s routine and ensures she is happy and safe. She is available during their business hours via app chat function, when we have a special request during our time away, she goes above and beyond to accommodate. Bonus for the adorable photos she sends after every visit. We trust this company and plan to use it as long as we are in the Bay area. Thanks Maria, and thanks to comforted kitty!” – Sarah S. (San Jose)

“I needed a cat-sitter to look after my two kitties at home since they didn’t do very well at the cat boarders last time I went away. I was super nervous about leaving them in the house alone but Maria looked after them so well and they really warmed to her! Maria sent an update with photos every day and she was really flexible when the front door key didn’t work. The app is super helpful to stay in touch. I have no qualms about leaving my boys in the excellent care of Maria next time I leave town and am so relieved to have found this service!” – Sian A. (San Jose) 

“I had the pleasure of working with Dan and my sitter Maria was simply amazing! The arrangement was smooth, efficient, and everything was properly executed. My cats were very comfortable with Maria, and she took excellent care of them while I was out. One of the cats has medical needs and Maria was able to administer medications as requested. She was responsible, respectful of my property, and very kind and thoughtful to honor the requests I had. I was especially grateful for the daily updates as I could see how well they were doing in Maria’s care. My cats are like my kids, and I am extremely happy that I chose Dan’s business. I already booked my next appointments with them and I would highly recommend their services to my family, friends, and colleagues.” – Neko T. (Santa Clara)

“It was the first time we had a cat sitter from comforted kitty. We were overall highly impressed by the care and updates (photos, videos) that Maria, our sitter provided. The whole experience of signing up, scheduling a suitable time to meet Maria in person was smooth. We would definitely recommend and plan to hire them again. Thank you!” – Meghanath M. (San Jose)

Just wanted to let you know that Maria is truly exceptional, even by your company’s standard. Her communication was frequent and timely. She followed the instructions to the T. She gave my kitties a lot of pets and love and took wonderful photos. We always worry about the cats at home when we travel. But Maria made it so much easier for us this time. We are very grateful and look forward to inviting her back in the future. -Xiang W. (Mountain View)


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