Luke M.

By Daniel McPartlan | Jan 24, 2024

Luke M.

*Background Checked

*Insured & Bonded

*Clients Served: 1

*Kitties Comforted: 2

My Profile:

Howdy my name is Luke,

My cat story (hisstory): I wasn’t allowed to have cats growing up because my dad and sister were very allergic. I always wanted and asked for a cat. Many years in a row the only thing I wrote on my Christmas list was “cat”. My mom finally broke and got me two cats back to back a year apart just randomly. I named them Jade(Tabby girl) and Coal(Tonkinese boy). My mom and I became super involved with helping the stray cats in the area and at one point we were taking care of 16 cats! I moved to Arizona for college in 2019 and now I’m trying to pursue my passions and have work that makes me happy. I’m a 22 year old cat sitter, biologist, entrepreneur, artist, and community builder.

I hope it goes without say I love cats deeply.

I’m a cat person at heart. Cats love me because I’m just like them haha

I have experience interacting with many different cat personalities and temperaments

I am Knowledgeable about cat behavior, communication, and signals.

I have a lot of cat and other pet sitting experience.

I will reliably care for and love your cat(s)