Kylee M.

By Daniel McPartlan | May 9, 2024

Kylee M.

"My favorite thing about cat-sitting is definitely getting to meet different cat personalities. I think it's really special when a cat gets comfortable, sheds his or her anxiety, opens up to me and let's their personality shine. There's nothing better than a cat who instantly feels safe enough to trust me. I have the paitence, gentleness and determination to make every cat my best friend. I love the talkative cats, the timid cats, the energetic cats and the lazy cats!"

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*Insured & Bonded

*Clients Served: 1

*Kitties Comforted: 1

My Profile:

Hi, my name is Kylee! Loving cats has been a piece of me for as long as I can remember. I have had numerous cats throughout the years and each one has left a special and unique impact on me. I currently have three of my own at home that I love dearly. I have done private pet sitting in the past and I came on with The Comforted Kitty in 2023. I have experience giving oral medications as well as topical medications.

I’m always excited to meet a new four-legged friend and hope to meet yours soon!