Kat G.

by | Sep 25, 2022

I’m absolutely bats for cats! My lifetime love of them began with Butchy, my first cat, who adopted me when I was 2 years old. I have enjoyed loving, being around, and taking care of them ever since.

I care for the cats in my charge, whether yours or mine, with the dignity, respect, kindness, compassion, and love they all deserve.

Cats occupy most of my waking (and many of my sleeping) hours. At my residence, I currently care for a family, a colony of 23 spayed/neutered cats. I must be doing something right as they all choose to live with me.

Luckily, my other chief hobby provides these cats with their own gardens at my home. The gardens are free of pesticides and poisons, a quiet, safe, restful, shady, protected place for them. The outdoor cat crew love it. All the neighborhood cats visit it. My indoor crew admire it from inside through the windows and glass doors.

I have cared for cats in sickness and in health, until death do we part. As a result, I am very competent to give insulin shots, pill (though liquid medicine is far easier for the cat and me), give eye drops and ear drops, and feed a cat through a surgically implanted tube — although I am very happy when my charges are healthy instead. The only area where I am lacking is in administering subcutaneous fluids.
I cannot honestly call myself competent at that.

I hope you will trust me to care for your favorite purrson(s). I’ll do my very best to fill the empty space your absence leaves in their lives whenever you must be away.


“My regular cat sitter was not able to watch Tux for a trip and I started to panic. My girlfriend found The Comforted Kitty and my sitter Kat was amazing. She’s an amazing cat person and really cares about taking care of your little furry. Love the photos and updates while I am gone! Will be using this service for all future needs.” – Matthew N. (Beverly Hills)

“Kat was a fantastic sitter. She genuinely cares about cats and I felt very comfortable with her watching over mine. She was very thorough and sent lots of pictures and updates. I could not imagine a better sitter.” – Josh H. (Los Angeles)

“My cat sitter was Kat and she was great, better than I ever expected. I was gone for seven days and she sent pictures and videos for each day. The most difficult part for her was keeping my cats (I have two) inside, but she managed despite their insistence. I’ll have Kat again any time I go away. She was wonderful.” – Sue T. (Los Angeles)

“I went on a long summer vacation and was so happy to have found The Comforted Kitty! Kat G. is great! She is very thorough and responsible and goes above and beyond. I knew that my cats were well cared for and I didn’t have to worry about anything at my house either. I highly recommend the service and Kat G. in particular.” – Cristina M. (Los Angeles)

“We recently went on an eight day trip followed by another five day trip a week later, and we asked The Comforted Kitty to take care of our cat, Marky. Well, I think we will be going on many more trips now! We had always asked our neighbors to look in on Marky when we went away. This trip, being so long, we decided to hire a professional cat sitter. After a long Google and Yelp search, it seemed like most services were “pet” sitters. Basically, dog walkers who will also take care of cats. We loved that The Comforted Kitty is exclusively for cats! When we first met Kat, our designated sitter, we could immediately tell that she’s a cat person with a gentle heart but serious and organized about cat sitting. She is a cat whisperer! Each day, Kat sent us photos and videos of her interacting with Marky along with a report on how he’s doing. Kat is wonderful!! The Comforted Kitty is managed through an app, and each day, we received a notification for a comprehensive checklist of daily tasks. Their app is where you leave information and instructions, and it makes scheduling for cat sitting, confirmation, and payment a breeze. It is quite impressive! We are very pleased with The Comforted Kitty, and we will always request Kat for all our future travels!” – Mark S. (Los Angeles)

“The Comforted Kitty, and our pet sitter, Kat G., have been wonderful. Very professional, reliable, caring and detailed visits. Kat provides pictures and meaningful updates each visit, and truly treats our cats and our home as we would. We have great peace of mind knowing that our cats and home are in such good hands. The booking and payment process also are very easy. The whole experience exceeded our expectations.” – Bill D. (Thousand Oaks)


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