Kara F.

By Daniel McPartlan | Oct 11, 2023

Kara F.

"Cats are each a unique expression of diverse personalities, beautifully packaged in a bewitching blend of grace and charm. It’s an honor to witness the unfolding of each of their journeys."

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*Clients Served: 22

*Kitties Comforted: 38

My Profile:

I’ve always felt a special connection with cats, so much so that I overcame a mild allergy to adopt my first shelter kitty. The first cat in a long line of companions that at one point  included rabbits, an African Grey parrot, a canary, fish, and several hamsters. Since then, my feline family has grown to include three beloved cats, and I’ve partnered with local non-profits to assist with the care of nearby feral colonies. Holding a first aid certification from the Berkeley Humane Society under my belt, I’m equipped with essential skills in emergency protocols and CPR. I adapt easily to the unique personality of each cat, whether they seek playful interaction, soothing cuddles, or tranquil companionship. You can trust me to learn quickly and adhere diligently to any healthcare routines. Recognized for my reliability and meticulous attention to detail, I strive to make your cat feel cherished, secure, and thoroughly pampered when you’re away. When I’m not on a feline adventure, you’ll find me hiking, painting, and documenting life’s nuances through mobile photography.

925-494-0485 info@comfortedkitty.com