Judy S.

by | Jun 8, 2021

Hi, my name is Judy and I currently have 5 kitties that either found me or that I rescued. I use the word ‘currently’ because it is always subject to change! I live by the motto, “What’s one more cat?” For many years I used to treat myself to a new kitty from the shelter every Christmas. That’s how I ended up with 13 and decided I needed to stop doing that. The minute I touch a kitty, I fall in love with it. So please know, if I take care of your cat(s), I am going to love it like it was my own. I have had a plethora of animals of all kinds my whole life but cats have always been my greatest love. I’ve had cats that wouldn’t use the litterbox and cats that were biters and cats that were bullies and cats that tore up my furniture, but I never loved them any less. I knew that they needed to be taken care of and I managed to always make it work. I am proud to say that I have found several missing cats over the years because I know the best time to look for them is in the early morning hours (1-4am) and I will spend hours just sitting quietly and listening, and I will do it endlessly. I grew up with cats and have had my own my entire life and I will continue to always have them in my life. I have already decided that eventually I will adopt only senior cats. Nothing could soothe my soul more than to know they are in a loving home when it comes their time to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Judy happily serves Las Vegas.


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