Josie B.

By Daniel McPartlan | Apr 9, 2022

Josie B.

"My favorite thing about cats is that they are independent but make the best companions. They don't need you to shower them in affection but they are most loving creatures once you gain their trust."

I always have had cats my whole life. My first cat’s name was Maddy, and it was an instant connection! Since then, everyone knew that I would forever be a cat person. This led me into being the go-to cat sitter for my close family and friends as early as elementary school. As a way to make extra money throughout high school and college, I did cat sitting for many clients in my community for about 4 years. When I finished undergrad, I packed up my car with my current cat, BooBoo, and drove from Michigan to Oakland, CA for a job opportunity but found myself wishing I still did cat sitting on the side. I now work as a System Engineer, mainly working from home, so I get to spend all day with my pets and then get to go care for other’s pets! My favorite part of cat sitting is when a shy cat finally becomes comfortable enough with me to let me pet and socialize with it, it’s the most rewarding feeling!


“Had a great experience with The Comforted Kitty, while I was recently out of town. My sitter, Josie, was easy to get in touch with, and kept me informed every day of how my cat was doing (sharing photos and any concerns). The service itself was very easy to use/set up, and responsive. I would definitely recommend!” – Erica T. (Oakland)

“Josie was great – easy to communicate with and very prompt with correspondence. And most importantly, my cat was relaxed, comfortable and happy when I got back! The app takes a little while to set up, but once you have all of the information in one place, you don’t have to constantly update things the next time you go out of town, etc. I recommend!” – Janette K. (San Francisco)

“Josie, from The Comforted Kitty, has provided my cat care service for years. Of course, she is reliable and competent. You have to be that to be in this business. But I also feel like Josie “cares” and makes sure both of my kitties are managing while I am gone.Also, over the years, one or the other (and sometimes both) have needed to be medicated and she has always handled that well. The app is super easy to use and communication is great. I get the cutest daily pictures while I am gone, which just eases my mind. I can’t say enough about Josie and the team at The Comforted Kitty!” – Letisha M. (Oakland)

“We have used Josie at the Comforted Kitty twice now and the service was surperb. The online booking system was easy to use and allowed me to easily provide essential data about care. I got a daily update on our cats status which was very comforting. Everything was handled exactly as I requested. I have used cat sitting services before and the Comforted Kitty is by far the best. It is a well-run business that does well for both it’s human and feline customers.” -Siobhan N. (San Francisco)

“Josie and Comforted Kitty provided excellent service and sent great pics of my cat. They sent wonderful updates and made me feel very comfortable. It was my first time using their service and will definitely use them again! Thank you!!” – Karen C. (San Francisco)