John H.

by | Jun 2, 2023

Hi! I’m John, although I mostly go by my middle name, Liam. Its fair to say I’m an animal lover, and have been around cats pretty much all my life, and am currently the cat parent to one senior, Gabe, and two kittens, Chris and Jay. I’ve spent a fair amount of time pet-sitting, both for friends and for family, and find it quite enjoyable being able to meet new cats. I also spend several months volunteering with CatTown Oakland, helping cats that some deemed “unadoptable” find homes. When I’m not spending time with my cats, I’m out photographing trains, walking, writing stories, or playing with my model trains at home or at the local model train club. I’m an avid history nerd and love going to museums almost as much as I enjoy time with cats!


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