Jessica D.

by | Sep 27, 2023

A Napa local, Jessica grew up with the love of outdoors and always had animals around. She even had a pet rooster named Buzzar because he would purr for her! Her first furry friend was a kitten she named Precious, who she spent the next 20 years loving. As an adult, Jessica works in the wine industry and lives with her husband and their two rescue kitties, a sweet but shy Dash and little rambunctious Anni. She’s worked at a small vet clinic as a pet tech assistant, and pet sits for her neighbors and friends. She looks forward to caring for your furbabies!

“We can’t thank you enough for the great care you’ve given to Lemon and her friends 🙏” -Katie H. (Napa)

“Thank you for everything. It was such a good feeling knowing that were well taken care of.” -David B. (Napa)


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