Jasmine S.

by | Apr 21, 2021

Jasmine loves cat sitting because she enjoys discovering the unique quirks of every cat. She enjoys befriending cats in all environments and exploring the sweet bond between cats and their human companions. She is fascinated with their variety of dispositions: independent, clingy, boisterous, cuddly, inquisitive, shy… Jasmine is from Oakland, where she grew up taking care of cats of all personalities: energetic kittens, wise senior cats, chunky talkative kitties, and the like.
She lives with three cats: Venus, Jedi, and Cat X and (when not doting over them) enjoys music, cycling, and teaching guitar.

Jasmine yearns to befriend as many cats as possible within her lifetime and looks forward to giving love and attention to your beloved kitty.

She happily services cities across the East Bay.


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